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Hi everyone!

I'm so happy to be here! My name is Christina Beauchamp and I am the girl behind the blog Fashion & Frills. A very big thanks to my sweet friend and blogging bestie Amanda for inviting me over to her (very fabulous!) corner of the internet.

With fall finally in full (...)



I love Fall. I think most of us can agree it is our favorite season. My skin does NOT agree with me. As soon as it gets cooler, the sooner my skin starts getting very, very dry. It is so important, as we get older, to take notice of our skin and make sure we (...)

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Hi everyone and HAPPY FRIDAY!  I'm Brooke of the blog, KBStyled, and I'm super excited to be guest blogging today on The Miller Affect.  Today, I will be sharing some tips on how to get yourself (and your family if (...)

How to Make a Collage on Canva

Hey guys! I got some pretty great feedback on my 'How to Create an Overlay on PicMonkey' post, so I decided to continue on with a great collage tutorial. I am using a different platform this time, called Canva, so that you can experience both and decide which one you like using more! As a (...)