#rStheCon rewardStyle Conference Day 1

As most of you probably know by now, this past weekend was the annual rewardStye Conference. #rStheCon is basically a weekend event where the top 200 rewardStyle publishers get to come together, meet with brands, learn, and party. I worked my butt off in 2015 to get into this conference, and it definitely did not (...)


Macy’s Semi-Annual Diamond Sale

As Troy and I begin to look at rings (insert squeal here), I can't help but notice/realize how ridiculously expensive diamonds are! I have never looked at rings, or diamonds for that matter, so I really had no idea!! Luckily of us, Macy's has a semi-annual diamond sale every year!

(more…) (...)


Counter Appointment with Clinique

Last month I had the most amazing makeover & counter appointment with Clinique! I brought the products home to try out for a month and am now ready to give you a full review!

Most of us are set in our ways and have makeup that we have used forever. It is hard to change (...)

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How to Make a Collage Using Keynote

I am so lucky to have tons of bloggers read my site, and one of my favorite things to hear from you guys is that you have learned a lot from my blogging tips! I have received tons of questions already on my collages. I have already done a collage post for beginners here, (...)


Fashion and Frills


Hi everyone!

I'm so happy to be here! My name is Christina Beauchamp and I am the girl behind the blog Fashion & Frills. A very big thanks to my sweet friend and blogging bestie Amanda for inviting me over to her (very fabulous!) corner of the internet.

With fall finally in full (...)



I love Fall. I think most of us can agree it is our favorite season. My skin does NOT agree with me. As soon as it gets cooler, the sooner my skin starts getting very, very dry. It is so important, as we get older, to take notice of our skin and make sure we (...)