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Tuesday Talks- The Importance of Photography

*pin this image to your blogging tips board so you can reference back to it!

The Importance of Photography

If I were to write a book on blogging, Chapter 1 would be titled 'Photography, Photography, Photography'.

It is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING when it comes to fashion blogging. I would even say that having actual (...)

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The Dos and Don’ts of Guest …

Sorry I missed last week's Tuesday Talks post! I was in Europe (is that a good enough excuse?)

Oh and I completely lost the pad that I had 20 ideas to do for this blogging tips series. Make sure to leave a comment below with what you would like to see on here so I (...)

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How to Pitch to Brands

Happy Tuesday guys!

I am actually in Switzerland today (Bern to be exact), but this post was written last week to make sure that I would have it up for you today!

When I talked about Fohr Card last week, I had so many comments and emails from you guys wanting to know how to (...)

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Blogging Tips

Tuesday Talks- Fohr Card

Happy Tuesday everyone!

How are you liking my Tuesday Talks so far? Make sure to comment below if there is something you have a question about that you want to make sure I include on these!

I already have quite the list: staying in your own lane, group posts benefit everyone, don't discount smaller bloggers, (...)

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Tuesday Talks- Productivity

Happy Tuesday guys!

I have a short Tuesday Talks for you today. I just wanted to make sure I put it on here since it has completely changed my life!

Blogging Tip #2- Write the Next Day's Blog Post First Thing in the Morning

If you missed #1, make sure to see it HERE.


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Tuesday Tips- Pay Your Interns

So excited to announce this new series coming to The Miller Affect every Tuesday!

Rain or shine, you will see a 'Tuesday Talks' here on the blog!!

To easily find it, go to, or look for 'Blogging Tips' under the 'Lifestyle' on my blog menu!

I would save to your bookmarks tab so (...)