#rStheCon Party En Blanc

#rStheCon finished with a bang. The Party En Blanc was more than I every imagined and I cannot wait to go back next year!!
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#rStheCon Day 2 + WWW

Since today is Wednesday, I will be mixing my Day Two rewardStyle Conference re-cap with my usual Work Wear Wednesday post! It easily flows together since I made sure I was dressed business professional when I attended my first set of classes and brand meetings.

How to Make a Collage Using …

I am so lucky to have tons of bloggers read my site, and one of my favorite things to hear from you guys is that you have learned a lot from my blogging tips! I have received tons of questions already on my collages. I have already done a collage post for beginners here, (...)

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How to Use Like to Know …

I have definitely already covered how to use Like to Know It in this post, but I am going to go a little deeper today. It is crazy to think out of 45,000 Instagram followers, only 19,320 of you are signed up for Like to Know It. If you are reading this, I would (...)

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How to Host an Event

This week I am hosting my very first event, and it just happens to be at one of my favorite stores: LOFT. Tons of my blogging friends host events and they have always been so fun, but I just never thought to host one myself. When LOFT reached out to me I was over-joyed! Do (...)


How to Make a Collage on …

Hey guys! I got some pretty great feedback on my 'How to Create an Overlay on PicMonkey' post, so I decided to continue on with a great collage tutorial. I am using a different platform this time, called Canva, so that you can experience both and decide which one you like using more! As a (...)