How to Make a Collage Using Keynote

I am so lucky to have tons of bloggers read my site, and one of my favorite things to hear from you guys is that you have learned a lot from my blogging tips! I have received tons of questions already on my collages. I have already done a collage post for beginners here, (...)

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How to Use Like to Know It

I have definitely already covered how to use Like to Know It in this post, but I am going to go a little deeper today. It is crazy to think out of 45,000 Instagram followers, only 19,320 of you are signed up for Like to Know It.

(more…) (...)


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How to Host an Event

This week I am hosting my very first event, and it just happens to be at one of my favorite stores: LOFT. Tons of my blogging friends host events and they have always been so fun, but I just never thought to host one myself. When LOFT reached out to me I was over-joyed! Do (...)

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How to Make a Collage on Canva

Hey guys! I got some pretty great feedback on my 'How to Create an Overlay on PicMonkey' post, so I decided to continue on with a great collage tutorial. I am using a different platform this time, called Canva, so that you can experience both and decide which one you like using more! As a (...)

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Photography Tips for New Bloggers

When starting out, bloggers are spending way more than they are making. I was lucky enough to have a sister that is a professional photographer, so it really cut down on my costs. People have lives though, and her distance and schedule were both just too hard to work around. My boyfriend and I decided (...)


How to Create an Overlay on PicMonkey

Many of you have emailed me and asked how to create an overlay picture, like the one above, so this post is a tutorial for you guys! The picture above took me less than ten minutes, but of course you can take less or more time depending on how perfect you want the picture. This (...)