Three Ways to Wear a Striped Top

Happy Work Wear Wednesday everyone! For today's post, I will be showing you three ways to wear a striped top. While I am actually headed to Cabo this morning, I wanted to make sure I shared this striped top before it is sold out! I have reallllly needed this vacation. As you read in my (...)

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#rStheCon Day 2 + WWW

Since today is Wednesday, I will be mixing my Day Two rewardStyle Conference re-cap with my usual Work Wear Wednesday post! It easily flows together since I made sure I was dressed business professional when I attended my first set of classes and brand meetings.

Casually Cropped

Today's Work Wear Wednesday is on the more casual side! I have "Casual Fridays" at work, and I know some of you can dress a little more "business casual" daily, so here are some casual cropped pants that I am LOVING right now! With the different designs that brands come out with every year, cropped (...)

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Dress to Impress

Some of you work in a business attire environment, some of you have to be even dressier than that at work, and some of you have a mix of casual and dressy (depending on what you have going on at work the next day)! This dress is for when you need to dress to impress. (...)


From Day to Night with Bobbi Brown

How many of you like to grab a drink after work? I love unwinding with a glass of wine after work, and it is a great time for singles because you can find other like-minded people at this time of day. Plus, you can't beat the drink specials! Sometimes, a drink after work even turns (...)


The Best Shoes for Work

Happy Wednesday! Today's Work Wear Wednesday post is all about the best shoes for work. I am so excited about the WWW series and I hope you are too! I know you love seeing me in every day outfits, but business casual is honestly what I am wearing 40 hours a week. Is anyone else's (...)