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Holiday season is in full swing, and I am as busy as EVER!!

Between traveling, holiday parties, working two jobs, and trying to maintain my workout routine, it is super hard to stay glam.

I teamed up with Dove and joined the #SkipaWashChallenge!!

The #SkipaWashChallenge encourages me to use the Dove Refresh+Care Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo and skip my next shampoo (or two!)

Last year I had to give up working out during this busy time because it was just too time consuming trying to keep my hair curled and fresh. This year, by joining the #SkipaWashChallenge and using Dove Refresh+Care Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo, I have been to keep my gym routine (which is especially important now that my wedding is around the corner!)

You can bet that I will be taking this with me to Vegas for New Year’s! There won’t be any time to blowout my hair, so I will definitely be skipping a wash!

About Dove Refresh+Care Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo



Dove Refresh+Care Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo’s weightless formula cleans by removing oils from roots without leaving visible residue so your hair is cleansed and purified. It’s formulated for all hair types and colors and with just a few quick sprays it helps control the oil and refresh your hair even when you skip your regular wash!

How to use:

Step 1: Shake can before and during use. Spay on lifted sections of dry hair, 8-12 inches

from roots, where hair is most oily.

Step 2: Massage through roots to absorb oil evenly.

Step 3: Brush through for hair that is revived and clean.

Not only does this product work great, but it also smells AMAZING!! Your hair will look and smell like you just washed it!

For those of you who have working out on your New Year’s Resolution list, this product will make it so much more possible to stick to your goal!! You can work out during lunch if you need to and spray the Dove Refresh+Care Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo and just head right back to work!

-The Dove dry shampoo is available for purchase at mass retailers such as,,, for as low as $3.99!!

Happy Holidays!

Photos by Vanessa, The Retro Penguin

*This post is sponsored by Dove. All opinions are 100% my own.


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