Fav New Arrivals Under $100

The Miller Affect fav new arrivals under $100

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So much to say about these picks. All of these picks are under $100 and all are too great to pass up (it just depends on what you are looking for)!

Let me start by saying I have both #13 and #4 and both are top sellers for me. They keep coming in and out of stock but pretty soon you won’t be able to find them! #13 also comes in black and red!

#15 is in my cart (those sleeves ahhh) as well as #5, which will be perfect for my upcoming vacay (looks sooo cute over a swimsuit)!

I think we all need #7 right now, agreed?

#3 is a top pick because it is so hard to find longer denim shorts these days and I have long legs so I need shorts like these!

#11 is just gorgeous..that color is too perfect!!

I put #2 and #6 on here because people have been asking for good cover-ups! #2 is actually a tunic and a long longer than it looks on here! You have to click through to see!

#8 is actually fleece so it will be great for winter and spring!

Which one is your favorite?

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  1. Brandi
    January 28, 2017 / 9:24 am

    Bravo Amanda! I, for one & certainly not the only, am inspired by your incredible work ethic & inspiring sweet spirit that you convey so eloquently in your blog posts & in your replies to your readers. As a working woman myself in corporate America, truly still a “man’s world,” I applaud your bravery. You are an inspiration to me as I hope to find the balance of a full time career & the freedom of expression through starting my own blog. Thank you for all of your amazing content, tips, & suggestions. Best wishes!

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