N Sale Early Favorites

The NSale starts at 2AM EEEK! Are you ready?

I get to shop for it at 7AM this morning so get ready to see my haul on Instagram stories today. I literally tackle each section and check out one section at a time so I make sure I don’t miss anything! My sister is coming early to help me with everything.

After shopping I will head home to steam everything and then I will shoot everything for you guys! After that I will head to my new house and get some shots in the new home (so excited!!) I have to do it all in one day because I leave tomorrow for a 11 dayEuropean cruise! I will be bringin all N Sale with me and will be wearing it throughout the cruise, but I want to make sure I shoot enough to get you guys started since I know it all sells out so fast!


2AM is when EVERYONE (including us) get to go on Nordstrom.com and shop/link everything. So that is when Troy and I will start linking everything I bought. As soon as the blog post is linked I will hit PUBLISH. Should be around 2:30 am if everything goes smoothly!

This blog post will have everything I think will sell out the fastest: Most popular Sweater, Cardi, Boots, Dress, Cashmere, and Activewear. So you will have at least 6 head to toe N sale outfits to shop from right away.

THENNN I will start linking everything from my try on session. The try on session will be HUGE and I will have it up as soon as I can link everything once the sale is live. Don’t miss this! I will try everything on at my new house in front of my mirror and talk about fabric, fit, etc. This will cover a clothing, shoes, beauty, etc.

Day 2 will cover Maternity, Kids, and Home.

Day 3-the end of the sale will have a mix of everything else + what I am wearing on vacation!

NSale Early Favorites:

Here are some things I grabbed from my NSale private catalog as a sneak peek for you guys! No doubt I will be buying all of these today and shooting them IRL for you too!

n sale early favorites

These are just a few of the items I saw in the PDF that I loveeeee!!! I can’t link any of them until the sale goes live tonight :/.

Cannot wait to grab them and show you how they fit and work tomorrow! If this doesn’t get you excited about the NSale I am not sure what will!

xox Amanda

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  1. Cathryn
    July 11, 2018 / 4:57 pm

    This is so helpful – I love following you through this sale. Thanks for the sneak peek – I can’t wait to shop (especially all of these boots/booties)

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