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Like to Know It- What Is in …

Like to Know It is the most amazing invention, but it has also been the topic of many debates. My readers want to know what it is, and how it works. Bloggers want to know how they can use it, or whether or not they should. I am going to clear up all the confusion (...)


Spring Cleaning – Getting Organized

Getting organized is not just a blogging tip, it is a tip for everyone, and spring cleaning doesn't have to just apply to your home. As soon as we let things spiral out of control in our lives it can affect work, friendships, relationships, etc. I am so unorganized, so this is something I struggle (...)

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Blogging Tips

How to Grow Your Instagram



The question I probably get the most about blogging is "How did you grow your Instagram that fast"? How to grow your Instagram account has probably been searched on Google millions of times. I am no expert, but I can definitely share how I got 18k followers in 6 months. I also have (...)


Baublebar Sale + Link Up

I am taking a small break this week and bringing you an amazing Baublebar Sale! Every now and then, probably two or three times a year, Baublebar has its 30% off sale. Sometimes they will do a tiered sale, but then you have to spend so much in order to get the 30% off.

(more…) (...)


The Best Thing About Boutique Shopping

Boutique shopping seems to be fizzling out as larger retailers like Nordstrom start to take over the fashion world. Have you heard of Vestique Boutique. 90% of you are probably saying 'no' to the computer right now. These shorts have gotten more attention then The Fast & The Furious 7 (or whatever the last (...)