What to Wear to a Networking Event

I don't know about you, but I am horrible at networking. There is something so hard about walking around and talking about yourself. I have never been good at it. I carry my business cards with me everywhere I go, but have maybe only given out 100 since I started my blog. I may not (...)


Splash into Summer Giveaway

Join me and some other amazing bloggers as we bring you this amazing Splash Into Summer Giveaway! We put together some of the most popular items for Summer 2015, totaling $1400, including: Mara Hoffman Harvest Swimsuit, Hot Pink Tulum Cover-Up, Jadetribe Beach Pom Tote, Karen Walker Super Duper Sunglasses, Rebecca Minkoff Studded Sandals, Extra Large (...)


LOFT, My Favorite Store

It took me starting a blog to realize that LOFT is my favorite store. I basically went into my closet this morning and realized I could choose between a three LOFT shirts. Think the store is amazing and I am not even ashamed of it!

(more…) (...)

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Fashion Link Up List

Here is a full fashion link up list for you! I would bookmark this page and come to it EVERY MORNING. Each link will open up in a new window. I promise that you will see a huge increase in traffic and comments on your blog when you make a habit of linking up daily. (...)


Summer Romper + GoDaddy Tips

And I'mmm baaccckkkk with some great GoDaddy tips for all of you new bloggers out there ( I wish I had this at the beginning)! It wouldn't be a regular 'The Miller Affect' blog post if I didn't also throw some fashion in there. This is my new favorite romper and it is so comfortable (...)


Mockingbird Styles

I had the honor of appearing on Mockingbird Styles this week! Next time you are in Dallas you should head to Mockingbird Station! It is an urban shopping/living area and there is so much to do! I used to work AND live there, so I am your go-to tour guide. This outfit is all GAP (...)