When In Paris

OK, so I am NOT going to Paris, but I love that line.. so catchy! I am actually headed to Cancun in a few days and I can wear this there as well! I just love the Parisian look to this outfit! Black and white stripes are my FAVORITE! This is actually the fourth black (...)




I love this shirt so much and of course my favorite part is the feathers at the bottom! Topshop really did it this time! I was contemplating wearing a bra or bandeau under it, but in the 30 degree weather I decided on an undershirt ;). I apologize ahead of time for not steaming the (...)




How many color block items are in your closet? Probably not many! Now that Spring is approaching you need to find that mix between warm and cool. This dress fits that perfectly! It is long and the sleeves are cropped, but it is a very light knit! It will be a perfect addition for your (...)

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Shopbop Sale*

Ahh I love me some Shopbop!!I know you have had your eye on something lately and it has just been BARELY OUT OF REACH! Well, now one of those sales we wait for all year is here! These are my favorites from the sale, but I am sure you have your own! I have (...)


Coral Reef Swim


Today was all about my collaboration with Coral Reef Swim. Do I make it look like it was 75 degrees out? Because it was only 34...!!! Eeeek! My boyfriend made it fun though by making me laugh and forget about how cold I was!! I just wanted to make sure everyone had a (...)



Why didn't they think of adding lace to the end of skirts earlier? I feel like I am just now seeing a lot of this THIS YEAR! I found this amazing lace skirt at Nordstrom and HAD TO HAVE IT! My favorite is definitely the back. This piece is so feminine and you know I (...)