Two of My Favorite Things: Pink and …

Sharing two of my favorite things with you today: pink and stripes!

I bought these outfits separately but realized they fall under pretty much the same category so I decided to pair them together for this post!

Scroll down to shop both outfits, or shop my other favorites here:

Pinks & Stripes

I first saw (...)


Favorite Black Dresses for Summer

I posted this little black dress a couple of days ago and was blown away by the response! I also added a poll on Instagram and 93% of you wanted this post! So here it is!

Here are my favorite black dresses under 100 for Summer:

Black Dresses for Summer- Under $100

A couple of (...)


Pros and Cons of a Destination Wedding

Are you getting married soon? Are you hoping to get married one day? This post is for BOTH of you!

I grew up dreaming of a local church wedding. I had this entire thing planned out in a beautiful church with hundreds of guests.

I think a few things helped change my mind: 1. My (...)

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A Fashionable Summer with Vineyard Vines

Where has Vineyard Vines been all of my life? I knew it was around but just never made it into the store. Now that there is one at the Northpark Mall in Dallas I shop there nearly every time I am at the mall!

Today's post is about introducing you to the brand (because you (...)


Instagram Roundup 6/1/18

Here is another Instagram Roundup for some of my May favorites! Scroll to the bottom to see the most viewed blog posts of the month! Don't forget you can shop these at any time at themilleraffect.com/Instagram.

I need to hear what your favorite looks & blog posts were to help me better prepare for (...)


Special Occasion Dresses for Summer

Disney World was so exhausting guys! I am so excited to be back home and back in a normal routine!

May, June, July, and August always means one thing to me (besides the pool of course)= Weddings and Parties!

Everyone throws parties in the summertime and I feel like there is always a wedding every (...)