Pop of Red

the miller affect talking about adding a pop of red in your wardrobe

The Miller Affect wearing a red Mark & Graham camera bag
The Miller Affect wearing red sling-back sandals

Red is trending right now, but some people aren’t comfortable going all out in red. If this is the case for you, I would recommend adding a pop of red into your wardrobe here and there until you can build up to an all-red look!

Red hues are getting more and more vibrant, which I love! When putting an outfit together with a pop of red, you can go for a more vibrant red, like this top here, or a darker hue, like this one here!

Pop of Red

The Miller Affect wearing a white crossback tee from Nordstrom with distressed jeans

The Miller Affect wearing red sling-back sandals with pointed toes
The Miller Affect adding a pop of red to her outfit

You can apply a pop of red with a red lip, red earrings, red shoes, a read purse, a red belt, etc. You can also go monochrome with your jeans and shoes, but pair them with a red sweater for your ‘pop’!

For my look, I went added some red sling-backs and a red crossbody to a very casual outfit. If you would have paired this look with a brown bag and some booties you would have gotten a completely different look!

Some colors I love to wear red with: white, grey, gold, and green (hello Christmas!) I recently wore some red boots with a grey top to a concert here in Dallas. You can find that outfit here!

Here are a bunch of my favorite accessories for your ‘pop of red’ look. I cannot wait for you to try it out!

Still iffy about red? Start with simply a red lip! Some of my favorite colors are below from left to right:

Russian Red, Jasmin Rouge, #9, Shanghai Express, Ruby, Imperial Red

My Outfit

White Split Back Tee (wearing XS, only $32 and has the prettiest back, can also be worn with leggings)

Distressed Jeans (under $70, order a size down)

Red Sling-Back Sandals

Red Camera Bag

Red Lipstick (Russian Red)

Gold Disc Earrings

Gold Watch

xoxo Amanda


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  1. October 4, 2017 / 10:30 pm

    I love a little pop of color, especially a red lip. There is something about a red lip with a simple outfit that amps it up. I have YSL’s black red code, I’m always wearing it on date nights.

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