What to Wear to a Music Festival

Sadly, I am no expert when it comes to music festivals! Luckily, I DO KNOW fashion and I am so excited to show you what to wear to a music festival!

When I say I am no expert, I mean I have actually never been to a music festival! Coachella is definitely on my bucket (...)


The Sweater Trend

Some people think you have to give up your fashion sense when winter rolls around but that is so not true!

There are still ways you can express yourself through fashion in the wintertime even if you are all bundled up.

One way you can do that this winter is through the new bell sleeve (...)


Free People

How fun is this Free People Angel Lace Shift Dress? I love how flowy it is! I just wanted to do twirls the entire time we were doing this shoot. I think my photographer actually had to tell me to sit still! I had no idea at the time that the dress came in three (...)

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