Show Me Your Mumu Banana Leaf Dress

Palm print is trending every year around this time and it is always something we cannot wait to get our hands on.

I backtracked through the last couple of years and saw that I have posted all of these palm print beauties:

These palm print shorts are so so cute! I still have them!

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Lace It Up

I know I have posted about Shein before, but I really can't get enough. They just have the best prices out there! I go there for all of my casual needs. I found this lace up top on the site and couldn't believe they had so many lace up options! This trend is catching and (...)




You probably never though of rompers as show-stoppers. I recently had an interview where a fellow blogger asked what my go-to night out look was. Rompers immediately came to mind. I cannot tell you how many rompers I have. My boyfriend LOVES THEM.

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