My Favorite Shag Coats

Talking about my favorite shag coats on the blog today. I almost named this post 'Shag' but that would have been open to too many interpretations ;).

But first... did you see my post on my favorite faux fur coats? Make sure to check that one out too!

This Outfit:

Black Shag Coat- (...)


The Best App for Fashion Lovers

Have you heard of the Trove app yet?

I recently downloaded  the app and am now completely addicted. After talking to my friends about it, it appears we all are! We use it to get most of our style inspiration now.

Why would you use it? It is the EASIEST/FASTEST way to shop!

The Trove (...)


Leather Shorts in Winter

I realize it may be way too cold for some of you to wear this outfit. It was 70 degrees here last week so I had no problem taking these photos! If it is cold where you live, just put some thick hose with these leather shorts and you will be good to go!

(more…) (...)

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