Prints, Pants, and Palm Springs

When packing for Palm Springs I wanted to make sure all of my outfits went with the scenery & weather there.

Tip: not so hard to do. You will find everything in Palm Springs. You are out in the desert so there are tons of palm trees and cacti, but you will also find so (...)


Show Me Your Mumu Banana Leaf Dress

Palm print is trending every year around this time and it is always something we cannot wait to get our hands on.

I backtracked through the last couple of years and saw that I have posted all of these palm print beauties:

These palm print shorts are so so cute! I still have them!

Ann (...)


Palm Prints & Giveaways

Nothing is more summery than some great palm prints! If you saw my Instagram post (HERE) when I actually wore Mary Jane leaves instead of palm prints, then you know I was SUPER relieved when this dress came in! I even turned to my friend and said, "These are palm leaves, right?"

(more…) (...)

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