Transitioning Your Wardrobe to Fall

Hi! I just wanted to give you a life update since it has been awhile and I have been all over the place lately!

  1. My wedding photos are ready, but are being sent off for publishing. This means a magazine, website, etc. will pick up the wedding and I will not be able to publish (...)

Coral Reef Swim


Today was all about my collaboration with Coral Reef Swim. Do I make it look like it was 75 degrees out? Because it was only 34...!!! Eeeek! My boyfriend made it fun though by making me laugh and forget about how cold I was!! I just wanted to make sure everyone had a (...)


Lookbook Store-Cut Out Top

Is it Spring yet? I say Spring instead of Summer because I have a huge spring break trip plan in March! I am definitely bringing this top to Mexico with me!it is 79 degrees in Dallas now, so I get to wear it a little sooner than expected. This $25 top is so beautiful. It (...)

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