Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

IN STOCK Favorites from the NSALE

It's Public Access time and guess what?! HARDLY ANYTHING HAS BEEN RESTOCKED! Super frustrating for all of us.

Worry not: 1. Many of the items you want WILL be restocked in the following weeks as people return their purchases and 2. There are still some really great items left that have been overlooked (in my (...)


Favorites from the Shopbop Sale

One of my favorite sales of the year is finally here- the Shopbop Sale! For the next few days you can get 20-25% off of your total Shopbop order!

*Please keep in mind that Shopbop is owned by Amazon, so if you log in to Shopbop with your Amazon account, you can still get two (...)


Summer Staples

Happy Wednesday guys!

I know I usually have a wedding or work attire post up on Wednesdays, but I decided to mix things up this week!

Since I am disrupting your schedule, I will have BOTH a work wear AND a wedding post on the blog next week, yay!

Today, I want to talk about (...)

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Define Your Style – With L.K. Bennett

Does anyone ever ask you to 'define your style'? Sometimes, I will get a questionnaire that asks me to use three words to define my style. I immediately get all clammy and nervous. Is this for life? Can I ever change this?

Brit Pop-In

Have you heard about the brand-new Brit Pop-In collection from Topshop? You guys have probably guessed by now that I LOVE Topshop! I try to read their blog once a week and I read about this great new Topshop exclusive collection called Brit Pop-In. It just arrived at Nordstrom and a few other locations on (...)



You will never believe it, I know my boyfriend didn't, but this dress is LESS THAN $25!! It is just one of those rare finds! Sometimes I just walk in and out of Forever21 with one single item and that item lasts me forever!!! This dress is just so beautiful! The material is quilted so (...)