Three Olive Looks You Will Love

I recently realized that the last time I posted something olive on here was Thanksgiving. Sheesh!

I love wearing olive! No idea how that happens.

Today I have three olive looks that you will love (well, I think you will anyway!)

Olive Look #1

Do you watch my Instagram Stories when I do try-on sessions? (...)


The Perfect Fall Transitional Outfit


Photos by Mary Summers - So Then They Say Blog

Although Fall doesn't technically (insert air quotes here) start until the end of September, I always think that I am about to start seeing the leaves change colors as SOON as September 1 hits.

We may not be ready to pull out our over-the-knee (...)


How to Wear a Crochet Cover-Up as …

This cover up is on sale for $28!! I bet that caught your attention! Or were you thinking 'that isn't a cover up!' Well, guess what? It is! I just happen to like it more as a tunic.

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