Three Ways to Wear White Jeans in …

White after Labor Day is NOT A RULE. Yes, it might have been at one time, but it is not a rule anymore.

I actually never lived by it. I have always wondered if someone just one day said, 'You can't wear white after Labor Day,' and everyone just went along with it? You don't (...)


My Favorite Shag Coats

Talking about my favorite shag coats on the blog today. I almost named this post 'Shag' but that would have been open to too many interpretations ;).

But first... did you see my post on my favorite faux fur coats? Make sure to check that one out too!

This Outfit:

Black Shag Coat- (...)


The Neutral Trend

I typically like to wear tons of neutrals in January/February. They are soft, like the season we are in, and more feminine. The neutral trend is definitely a year-round thing, because when you pair tons of neutrals together you can look completely chic without even trying. You can be in a sweater and jeans, but (...)

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Staying Warm With Emke Gloves

The only thing worse than not having gloves, is having gloves that you have to take off every time you want to use your phone. Ok, I take that back. I also don't really care for mittens that were not made to keep you warm either. What if you could stay warm, use your phone, (...)