The New All-Day Nike React

You guys know I work out for about three months at a time. Or a year..

But, no matter how little I work out, I still find myself stocking up on athleisure clothes. More like hoarding. It is basically all I wear during the day since I work from home and constantly have to run (...)


A New Kind of Workout

Is it sad that I only get excited about working out when new workout clothes come in?

I guess my wedding coming up this summer is giving me a little kick as well... I really need to tone up a little!

Not sure if you know this about me... but I HATE working out. Hate (...)



Remember when I said we were going to hold each other accountable for our New Year's resolutions? Well here is the first re-cap. Have you been keeping up with yours? Statistically only like 30% have made it this far, and that fades to around 15% next month! I been working at mine, that counts... right? (...)

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