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I am planning on updating this post every 4 months with my absolute favorites! I order A LOT from Amazon and there are things I can AND CANNOT live without. Everything I linked below are things I 100% recommend you grab! PS- I wish everyone would do this haha! I would love reading posts like this and grabbing from everyone’s ‘MUST HAVE’ Amazon lists!

Amazon Favorites- January-April

For The Kids

*CLICK ON THE IMAGES ABOVE AND BELOW TO SHOP THE PRODUCTS! The images are the links in this post!

1. Paint With Water Activity Book

I grabbed this for Miller for the plane ride from Denver to Cozumel and it ended up being SUCH A HIT! She asks for it almost daily and we have 10 rotating paintings at all time on our fridge. With this, all you need is water. It is practically mess free. We ran out of pictures for book 1 so I am so glad we had this pack of 3 so that when she asked for it again we could just grab the next book.

2. Kitchen Learning Tower

I think age 2 was the perfect time to grab this learning tower for Miller. Any time we are in the kitchen cooking she is in her tower ‘helping us’, painting, or playing with her toys! During the day we have it by the kitchen sink so that we can wash her hands before she has lunch and dinner and then we move it over to the kitchen island while we are cooking so that she can feel like she is a part of it.

3. Travel Potty Seat

This potty seat folds down into basically nothing and I just stick it in the diaper bag whenever we go anywhere. It is perfect to have while out and about so that she can sit on something sanitary and doesn’t have to use her hands to hold on to the toilet. I keep sanitizing wipes in my bag and I just wipe it down after each use.

4. Baby Pacifier

Thank you to whoever told me about these pacifiers!!! Callen WOULD NOT keep the wubbanubs or any other paci in his mouth. He took to these right away and we have been using them every since. I always thought Miller just wasn’t a paci baby but now I think it might have been the pacis we were trying to use with her!

5. Play Sink

This is the best play sink we have found so far. It comes with so many play foods and dish wear and it even comes with a washcloth that Miller uses to wash her bowls and plates. I also love that the sink turns on and cold steam actually comes out of it! I do recommend keeping the box. The first one we got was a little faulty so I returned it and got the same one. That one has been great for about a month now!

*take the faucet out of the sink when it is not in use

6. Weighted Blanket For Toddler

Miller loves her weighted blanket. I think it helps her sleep so much better and she now pulls it on over her each night. I honestly wish I had found it sooner.

For Me

*CLICK ON THE IMAGES ABOVE AND BELOW TO SHOP THE PRODUCTS! The images are the links in this post!

1. Flip Flops

One of my highest selling items this year! You guys love these sandals too! They are so dang comfy and look just like all of the other sandals that are going for well over $100.

2. Two Piece Set 

I love this two piece set so much that I just ordered it in a new color to wear during my next trip (leaving for Florida in a week!) I love that the top can be worn with any bottoms and the bottoms look so cute with a swimsuit top or tee shirt.

3. Insulated Coffee Mugs

Could not have done this post without mentioning these coffee mugs. I recently broke one and was devastated! They are the ones I reach for first thing every day and when they are all in the dishwater I get sad haha! They are super insulated so your coffee stays hot FOR FOREVER, but they are also layered so that you can put your hands around the mug and you don’t even feel the heat of the coffee inside!

4. The Better Mom Devotional

Have you bought this devotional yet? I love that it not only shares scripture but that it’s sole purpose is to teach you how to be a better mom through Christ.

5. Satin Pillowcase

A set of 2 for $11? SIGN ME UP! Miller uses one of the pillowcases right now and I use the other. I am obsessed! Feels so good on my face and hair and it so crazy inexpensive. I have washed it about 10x so far and they have held up like new (hang to dry!)

6. Roll Up Dish Drying Rack

Another item I wish I had found a year ago. We use this EVERY SINGLE DAY to keep items out of our sink and off the countertops. Game changer for sure.

7. Buckle Slide Sandals

These are just the softest sandals you can wear. I bought a white pair last year and still wear them daily in the summertime so I had to grab the black for this year. They will last you forever and you will want to put them on for everything.

8. Biker Shorts

My favorite Amazon biker shorts so far. They come in other colors/prints too. They are really soft, are great quality, and I wear them at least once a week to work out in. I have the 5″ but they also come in an 8″ version as well.

9. Caddy Shower Organizer

BACK IN STOCK…. RUNNNNNNN! Love these organizers SO MUCH that I have three of them! I keep all of my shampoos, conditioners, and body washes in them and it keeps my shower looking so nice and organized.

10. One Piece Swimsuit

Finally back in stock as well! This is by far the best Amazon swimsuit I have purchased in 2021! So flattering and perfect for every day wear no matter where you are going.

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xox Amanda

XO Amanda
May 12, 2021 Outfits

Amazon Favorites Part 1 2021

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