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  1. ankita agarwal


  2. ankita agarwal

    Hi .. wow great tips ! I have applied for rewardstyle .. let’s see .. please check my blog camelliaandpearls.com and let me know what you think ..


  3. Keanna

    These tips are awesome! Thank you so much for writing this post. I just started my blog a couple of weeks ago and I’m hoping to apply to Reward Style, but honestly I feel like I should wait until I have a few more weeks or months under my belt. I’m sure you are really busy, but if you get a chance to look at my blog, I would appreciate any/all feedback. Thanks so much! Keanna

  4. Brianne

    Great tips Amanda! Thanks so much 🙂 Love that bag too!

  5. Michelle

    God I love your tips posts! I’ve only been blogging 6 months but right from the beginning my intention was to put 100% into it. It is my new business & as such I’m keen to make it pay. That said I absolutely adore blogging & although it’s hundreds of hours of work that I had to learn from scratch it couldn’t be more rewarding.
    I already applied (&failed) had the matching email /blog name as you suggested but I haven’t been linking to exactly the same outfits. You’re right of course but it hadn’t occurred to me to try to match my clothes because I’m not buying new stuff all the time. I want to show how many different looks you can get from a well thought out wardrobe. And I don’t like throw away fashion particularly stuff from sweatshops. Perhaps reward style isn’t right for my blog? I know everyone wants your opinion on their blogs & you won’t have time to look at all of them but I’m gonna ask anyway…pretty please will you have a look at my blog & give me your honesty opinion?
    Thank you, Michelle

  6. Elle Spann

    you are the sweetest for sharing these things with others, including me. You are always so encouraging and helpful <3

    Southern Elle Style

  7. Jamie

    I really enjoyed this post. I use to be a part of Reward Style wayyyyyy early on because I had any direction and mediocre content on my blog. I was of coursed dropped, and I honestly understand why. But now that they have become so popular it’s a long process to get accepted unless you’re a high profile blogger. Crossing my fingers and implementing some of your great tips!
    Jamie of Hello There, Lady!

  8. Maggie

    Love these tips! I just started blogging and am trying to work my way up before applying to RewardStyle. I’m already doing lots of these so that’s great news! If you get a chance, could you take a look at my blog and let me know what you think? Appreciate it 🙂


  9. preeti

    great tips!!! i definitely applied way too early before i got accepted. having better images and upping my blog calendar i think helped me a lot!

    xoxo, Preeti


how to get accepted to rewardStyle

I had such an amazing time in New Orleans! Everyone needs to make a weekend trip out of it! I found this Wildfox tank right before I left at Riffraff and it saved my life! My feet were killing me but this shirt was so soft and cozy that I didn’t even care!

wildfox wine tank from riffraffrewardstyle tips, riffraff tanktory burch fleming purseriffraff tank, wildfox wine tank, wildfox shirt

I go shopping at Riffraff at least once a month. I love their designer collections! I saw this Wildfox tank and couldn’t resist myself. It was over once I touched the material. It feels like silk in my hands. When you put it on it falls and clings in all the right places, like it was made for you! It was a perfect piece for my New Orleans trip. I wore it around town and just threw a light jacket over it at night!


The Outfit:

Wine Tank: Riffraff (get 10% off with code milleraffect)

Pants: ASOS

Shoes: Choies

Purse: Tory Burch

Earrings: Kendra Scott

Lipstick: MAC, Rebel

XO Amanda
October 15, 2015 Outfits

Wine Up with Riffraff

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