Save vs Splurge Activewear Edition

The infamous question: Is it worth it? Hopefully I cover this for you in today’s save vs splurge activewear edition!

Now you guys know I have some Amazon workout pieces that I wear and LOVE. But not everything on Amazon is quality and it is very easy to get a item in you love that will only last you a month when you shop from there. You also know I LOVE Lululemon, but I realize that it definitely isn’t in everyone’s budget.

In this post I am going to start with a Lululemon capsule collection that will get you through the next year, then share the CLOSEST brand to Lululemon (in terms of quality) that is less expensive, and then end with some of my favorite Amazon workout pieces.

Save vs Splurge Activewear Edition

Lululemon- Why it is Worth it?

Lululemon has a HEFTY price tag and I understand that it isn’t in everyone’s budget. Here are a few reasons why Lululemon can charge what they charge:

-Lululemon focuses on Sustainability, and it isn’t cheap to do so. When you purchase from Lulu vs Amazon you are making a global impact.

-Lulu has a Quality Promise that covers usage within a ‘practical lifetime’. Basically, if the item doesn’t perform for you after awhile they will take it back. A lot of retailers, including Amazon, have a return policy of 30 days and even that is iffy (a lot of retailers will not take an item back after it has been worn.)

-Did you know: Lululemon offers complimentary hemming on tops and pants at all of their stores— no tags or receipt required. FREE!

-Lastly, Lululemon is worth it because their fabrics are amazing. As simple as that. They are made for sweat, but don’t show sweat. It is magic really.

Here is a Lululemon capsule collection that will last you forever. *please keep in mind all of these come in MULTIPLE colors and lengths!

Click on the item in the collage that you want to shop.

There is no better time to invest in QUALITY athletic wear.

Zella at Nordstrom

Athletic wear MOST-LIKE Lululemon but at a fraction of the cost= Zella. Zella offers pretty much the exact same type of items that Lulu does but you won’t be breaking the bank. In fact, most of the Zella items I linked for you below are from Nordstrom Rack!

If you  have never tried Zella I HIGHLY SUGGEST starting now! They have very  high quality pieces at low prices. My favorite workout tank every is actually from Zella and it is only $25!

Since Zella is a Nordstrom brand you can get the amazing customer service that Nordstrom has to offer (meaning that you can pretty much return at any time just like at Lulu!)

Here are a few basics to get you started with Zella:



Sports Bras

*Definitely get your sports bras from Zella! They are SO GOOD!



-Most of my socks are from Zella.

Amazon Activewear

Last but not least, we have Amazon. Amazon is great if you want new prints each season or you need to change up your style completely. It is definitely ‘fast fashion’ and their athletic wear WILL NOT last you very long.

I highly recommend washing your Amazon pieces on COLD and hanging to dry to get the longest use from them.

Here are some Amazon pieces that I can attest to because I actually OWN:

I almost put Old Navy and Aerie in this post and decided not to. I actually got a couple of orders of athletic wear in from each store and EVERYTHING was see through and cheap feeling. I used to LOVE shopping at these places for athletic wear but I think places like Lululemon ruined me and my quality expectations for life!

I will say, the only items WORTH IT at Aerie are their sports bras and their OFFLINE leggings ONLY in the solid colors. I bought a tie dye pair recently that was COMPLETELY see through and I got a leopard print awhile back that is completely ruined on the behind just from sitting down in them?

I hope you enjoyed this post and happy shopping! If I didn’t cover your favorite workout brand please let me know why you love it in a comment below! I am always down to do some more research!

PS- If you are pregnant, Zella actually has a great maternity legging for you! I actually cover some options for you in my post: THE BEST LEGGINGS IN 2020.

xo Amanda

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