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Hi friends! Did you see my Instagram Stories today? If not, that’s ok. I saved them to ‘Typical Day’ in my highlights! I thought it would be fun to give you a behind the scenes of what a typical day looks like here at the Pollard house!

Here is what a typical schedule looks like for me:


wake up, do my skin care, grab coffee


get Callen out of bed and feed him


this is my main time of the day to spend with Callen so he gets 100% of me. We read books and play together. I have the Baby Sparks app and it gives me fun ‘tasks’ to do with him each day so I typically do those in the morning with him.


Miller is up! I spend time with JUST her.


I workout. My workouts aren’t an hour long but I do warmups and stretches after so it typically is an hour all in.


I work.

-10am: this is when we typically shoot content if we need to. Our nanny Emily is there to watch the kids so we can also run errands or do whatever we need out of the house.

-1pm: this is when I typically schedule meetings/zoom calls. The kids are both down from 1-3 so I know I can have an hour of uninterrupted time during this period.

During the hours of 10am-3:30 I typically am answering emails, shopping, scheduling sponsored content, shooting content for collaborations and/or blog posts, writing blog posts, opening packages, doing try-on sessions, shooting video content, etc.


I am doing whatever Miller wants to do. We are usually playing all together as a family during these hours. Callen is up until 5 too so we usually try to involve him (if we go on walks, play downstairs, etc.)


We start cooking dinner. It usually takes 30-45 min. Then we eat! After dinner we play some more.


We get Callen up. This is when we settle everyone down for the night. We read books or do bath time.


Miller goes down for the night and we feed Callen and put him down for the night shortly after. *I get Callen up every morning and feed him and then I feed him and put him down every night. Troy gets Miller up every morning and makes her breakfast and he puts her down every night (they play in her room for awhile together!) During the day she is very much ‘MOMMY MOMMY’ so he appreciates these moments with her SO MUCH!


KIDS ARE DOWN! This is when we pick up the house, shower, watch tv together, read, play on our phones, and sometimes I have to work some more (probably at least 3x a week I am working on my laptop from 8-10pm).


On Friday morning I take Miller to swim so I typically work from 12-5.


I work on the weekends so that I can spend more time with the kids during the week. I typically work from 11-4.

*This schedule is just a typical schedule for me but of course it can change at any time! We often have play dates, go hiking, or find fun things for Miller to do during the week as well.

*The more I work, the more I make, but family trumps money every day for me. If I wanted, we could have the nanny here all day long or put Miller in school. But I would much rather spend more time with them than make more money. I know different people feel different about this, and there is no ‘wrong or right’ answer. I would just rather barely get by than have less time with my kids. I think what we are doing right now is a great work/life balance! I took a huge pay cut when I had Miller because I worked less, and then took another cut off that when I had Callen. I wouldn’t trade it for anything though.

I WILL SAY… that working from home is tough because even the time I allocate to work gets messy with the kids. If I hear them cry I want to console them, when they come back from the park I want to cuddle them, etc. Once we can one day go mask-free, I will probably find a We Work facility to go to during the day so that I can work interrupted. When I can work interrupted I can give my kids my full attention when I am home with them.

I Have A Lot of HELP

*I also want to mention that I HAVE SOOOOO MUCH HELP in order to keep the schedule you see above. I AM NOT superwoman and I fully, 100% believe in asking for help when you need it. I have a full team of people behind me that make that schedule possible for me.

-Our nanny, Emily, works from 9:30am-1pm. She also runs errands for us when needed and travels with us!

-Troy helps me with all of the ‘assistant’ work I need to do here at the house. He pays the bills, keeps the house clean, and is still a full-time dad. Usually our nanny will take Miller to the park or will give her 1 on 1 attention so Troy still takes care of Callen all morning/day. Emily mostly only watches Callen from 12-1pm.

-I have a full-time remote assistant Katie that has been a rock star and MAJOR help. She does SO MUCH behind the scenes for The Miller Affect. All of the collages, gift guides, deals, etc are done by her. She handles my Pinterest accounts, contact lists, schedules, does all of my linking, inserts photos and links for my blog posts, etc.

-I have an agent, Meghan, that answers most of my emails for me and helps me stay on top of all of my collaborations.

-I have a website team, Chloe Digital, and an amazing rep Marisa that helps me with ANYTHING website/blog/newsletter/etc related.

All of these people allow me to be the best mom I can be and I am so thankful for them!

No matter your schedule, YOU ARE AMAZING MAMA. Remember that! If your kids are going to bed every night feeling loved, you are doing everything for them!


How do you pump and still have time for all of this? I stopped pumping almost two months ago! But when I was pumping I would wear the Elvie and work at the same time, or wear the Elvie while I fed Callen out of a bottle.

Do you write and post everything yourself? YES, I do! I want to make sure everything is still ALWAYS in my voice. Katie helps by inserting the links and the photos and then I go in and write everything and publish it.

How do you get your 2 year old to sleep until 8:30? Haha I feel like this needs to be it’s own blog post! Miller sleeps until 8 and we leave her in there until 8:30 to ‘wake up’. If we go in too early she is grouchy! We started pushing her around 18 months by leaving toys and books in her crib so when she woke in the morning she would entertain herself! It led to her just sleeping longer and longer.

Any questions? If so, please leave a comment below.

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  1. March 14, 2021 / 1:50 pm

    FTM here with a 10 day old! Looking for any tips to get baby to sleep in her own bassinet at night/how did you get your kids on a consistent schedule? And how early did you get them on that schedule? 🙂 thanks!

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