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  1. Tracy

    Waiting for the toner to restock!!
    Ordered their gel cleanser last month and just love it- use it at night so I think I might pick up the balm to use before the cleanser!

  2. Chelsea Wildmon

    Entered and subscribed! 😊 Would love to try CR products!!


Do you have a beauty or skin care product from a brand you love but have NEVER tried any of their other products? That was me and Colleen Rothschild. I would go on my Instagram stories monthly and go on and on about the Colleen Rothschild Intense Hydrating Mask. It has always been one of my all-time favorite masks. It took the PR team reaching out to me and being like, ‘Amanda, we love that you love our mask. Can we please send you more products to try?’ And just like that, I have three new skin care items that I have added to my every day routine!

Thank goodness they reached out to me or I may have never gotten to try these products. Hopefully, that is kind of what I do for you guys- push you to try new things that I think you would love!

My Colleen Rothschild Favorites

Colleen Rothschild favorites on themilleraffect.com

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best hydrating mask on themilleraffect.com
colleen rothschild cleanser review on themilleraffect.com

I wanted to get this post up today, after trying Colleen Rothschild for the last month, because they are doing a 25% off sale. All of their BEST-SELLERS are 25% off today with code BEST25. This is a great time to finally grab a product your friend, neighbor, or favorite influencer has been raving about. It is also a great time to stock up on your own personal favorites.

I haven’t gotten to try very many of these below yet, but I definitely want to get my hands on all of them eventually. Today I will just share what I know about them and then rave about my Colleen Rothschild favorites!

1.Radiant Cleansing Balm

The best cleansing balm I have tried yet- and I have tried plenty! I used this every night to get my makeup off and then double cleanse with a different cleanser after. Your skin feels so soft after, like you just had a facial! Plus it wipes your makeup right off without having to scrub hard. Very gentle on the face and great for all skin types. A little goes a long way so you will have this bottle for a long time!

2. Face Oil

I have been applying this face oil every night since I got it in. I just add a few drops to my palm, rub my hands together, and press the oil into my face. It has definitely helped me stay hydrated through these crazy changing seasons (one day it is Spring, then it is Winter again, and back and forth Colorado goes right now!) Apply this oil every night at the end of your routine.

3. Sheer Renewal Cream

This is the super popular Colleen Rothschild moisturizer. I don’t use it because I already have a moisturizer I really love, but I know some of my friends have this and LOVE IT! If you are on the hunt for a great moisturizer, try this one!

4. Glycolic Acid Peel Pads With Blue Agave

I recently started using a Lactic Acid, so I am trying to make sure my skin is completely used to that before trying these glycolic acid peel pads. I have heard so many amazing things about these so they are probably what I am MOST EXCITED to try next!

5. Extreme Recovery Cream

This is Colleen Rothschild’s ‘hard core’ moisturizer. Since I use the Intense Hydrating Mask below so often, I haven’t needed an intense moisturizer.

6. Age Renewal Super Serum

I am always looking for new serums to try. I have asked Colleen Rothschild to send this one to me and I will keep you updated on the results! Serums are the easiest thing to add into your routine!

7. Intense Hydrating Mask

One of my all-time FAVORITE masks! You put this on at night before bed and let your skin soak in it’s goodness. You don’t even have to wash it off in the morning. I love putting this on when I know I will be outside for awhile or if I will be on an airplane too! Whatever mess you get your skin in on a daily basis, this will fix it overnight. I HIGHLY suggest grabbing it if you haven’t tried it yet. I always stock up when it goes on sale.

8. Dual Enzyme Polish

Are you looking for a great exfoliator? Use this one a couple times a week to wipe away dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling as good as new.

9. Vitamin C Treatment Complex

I asked for a sample of this as well and I cannot wait to try it! This is taken right from the CR website “This potent form of vitamin C helps reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation by penetrating the epidermis 16 times more effectively than ascorbic acid. The formulation stimulates collagen production, leaving skin more even and radiant.” Need I say more?

10. Matcha Tea Treatment Toner

I already have some toner pads I am obsessed with right now, but tea treatment toner does sound enticing. This particular product helps minimize the look of redness and I don’t think any of the toners I have used in the past do that!

11. Retinol Supreme Night Oil

The next two products contain retinol, and I have tried retinol in the past and my skin just didn’t react very well at all to it. I may try these in the future, but right now I am happy with my routine. If you are a retinol fan, these both have amazing reviews.

12. Retinol Supreme Eye Serum

What are your Colleen Rothschild favorites that are not mentioned here? I would love to give them a try! Let me know in a comment below or a comment on today’s Instagram post!

Here Are The Best Sellers

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XO Amanda
April 13, 2021 Beauty

A Peek at My Colleen Rothschild Favorites

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