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  1. Kathy

    Just ordered a pair of Stan Smith shoes after reading your post, and received 33% off, so thank you!!

  2. Kimberly

    Those actually are really cute! also love the simple, mock neck turtle neck!


This post is sponsored by adidas and ShopStyle. All products were picked out and styled by me and all opinions are 100% my own. Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.

.the miller affect wearing the new Adidas ZX 2K boost shoes

the miller affect wearing the Adidas ZX boost

For those of you who have been following here for awhile, you know how much I love adidas. I slip them on for just about anything (running errands, chasing Miller around the house, or doing any kind of walk or workout.)

The adidas Ultraboost 2.0 have always been my go-to, but you will also find the Superstars in tons of my photos on here and on Instagram.

Now there is a new contender for my favorite pair of adidas- the newly relaunched ZX 2K Boost.

The Newly Relaunched adidas ZX 2K Boost

the miller affect reviewing the comfort of the new relaunched Adidas ZX

The adidas ZX 2K Boost sneakers are like nothing I have ever worn before. I have received tons of messages lately saying they just can’t find a shoe comfortable enough for walking while also being trendy enough for everyday wear. THIS IS IT GUYS!! This is the sneaker you have been looking for!

They say in the description of these sneakers that each step is a ‘sensation’ and they are dead on with that! It will put a literal bounce in your step that you have never experienced before.

The midsole is a ‘wrapped boost’. It adds extra cushion like never before. The top is mesh and super breathable and the sneaker itself is very supportive. These are sneakers you have to try for yourself because after slipping them on you will never want to take them off.

Definitely read THIS ARTICLE on the ZX line. It covers the history of the ZX and starts with its 1984 roots. It was one of the first sneakers that people could wear for high performance athletics AND that could also be styled leisurely.

If you find yourself walking often in your everyday life, or if you just want a cute but
comfortable pair of sneakers, this is the one for you! You will never look back. I honestly cannot wait for you guys to get these on your feet.

Sizing Reference: Definitely order .5 size down. It runs large!

Here are some of my favorites in the ZX 2k Boost:

Shop them here (when you click one of these you will see multiple color options!):

Here are some of the items I am wearing in this shoot (including a non-maternity top you can pair with this). These leggings are a MUST HAVE for the Fall/Winter! I am obsessed!

Here are a couple of other options, other than the Boost, in the relaunched ZX line:

Lastly, adidas is currently running a 33% off Club Week Sale for all of their members! Just sign up HERE to be a club member and start reaping the benefits! Unfortunately, since the ZX 2K Boost sneakers are so new, they are not a part o the sale.

Send me a message when you get your new sneakers in! If you look at reviews, everyone rates them the most comfortable, the best quality, and the perfect width. When you put these on you will agree with all of the above too!

View my Instagram Stories to see them up close! I compare the style with the Ultraboost as well so you can see the difference side by side.

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xoxo Amanda

XO Amanda
October 19, 2020 Outfits

adidas A-ZX Series Relaunch

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