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  1. Michelle Potter

    I love the shag coat! I’m so happy that you were able to quit your job and do this full time. That is definitely my goal as well. Congrats! Michelle/ cocowouldapprove.com

  2. Susan

    Congratulations on making the transition out of your previous job to being able to grow your business full time! That’s my plan as well! It’s a scary move, but so exciting! Your blog is totally #goals for me!

  3. Blair Staky

    Congrats on leaving your job!! Such a big step and so exciting! Also that warm weather vacay sounds REALLLLL nice!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thanks so much Blair!! Hope you are having a blast in Paris!!

      xoxo Amanda

  4. Christina Beauchamp

    This post gets me so freakin’ excited for not only your engagement party this weekend but for all things wedding!! It’s going to be so fun and I can’t wait to celebrate you and Troy!!

    P.S. I HEART your engagement party dress SO MUCH!!


    Christina | Fashion & Frills

  5. Kimbo

    Can’t wait to see all the details come together!


The Miller Affect wearing a fuzzy faux fur jacket from Betsey Johnson The Miller Affect wearing a fuzzy jacket with distressed jeans and brown suede booties The Miller Affect wearing an ivory fuzzy faux fur jacket The Miller Affect talking about what is going on in her life lately! Amanda Miller wearing Levis jeans and brown Steve Madden Booties The Miller Affect wearing a fuzzy Betsey Johnson Jacket The Miller Affect holding a rebecca minkoff rust suede crossbody camera bag The Miller Affect wearing a fuzzy faux fur jacket from Nordstrom

Hi friends!

I feel like I haven’t really talked to you guys in forever so I wanted to share a little update!


As most of you know by now, my last day in corporate America was last Friday. I was ready to quit in Dec 2015, but my job asked/convinced me to stay an extra year, through Dec 2016.

I never realized how busy I would still be. It is 8pm and I am JUST NOW sitting down to write this post. I had about two hours earlier today to answer some quick emails! Some of my friends are already full time and I used to always think ‘what in the world did you do all day’ when they told me they were too busy to do something. I totally get it now!

So many small things fill up your schedule. Troy had off today for MLK day, so first thing this morning we drove to get my ring re-sized. It was a size 4 if you can believe it and we had to go down a half size  (tiny fingers). We then had to to go to Pancake House (of course) and then drove back home. I worked a couple hours and then had to get ready for our Bed Bath & Beyond wedding registry appointment (more on that coming later ;)).

So excited that I have every day to get these small chores done but to also work on and grow The Miller Affect! So many exciting things happening so stay tuned!


I have absolutely NOTHING done for my wedding. Well, I take that back, I have the dress, the venue, and I JUST received the invitations (peek at those coming tomorrow!!)

I definitely need to get the room blocks this week and figure out my wedding colors so I can let my bridesmaids know what dresses to get. Oh yeah, I should probably tell my bridesmaids that they are my bridesmaids first… I love that you have to ‘ask’. Why would someone ever say no?

This weekend is my big engagement party hosted by my sister and closest friends! I am so excited! I bought this dress to wear and it is going to be a close call whether or not it comes in in time! I am mostly excited that Troy’s parents will be coming into town and our parents get to meet for the first time eeeek!


House is still empty-also on my list! I am finally getting some rugs ordered this week and I will be able to go from there. We are going with a Southwestern theme! Lots of greys and whites with pops of green plants and Southwestern sunset colors.

I really want to get my study set up first and that involves a new desk among other things but Troy doesn’t like that our bed is still on the floor so I might need to order the headboard first!!

Fitness Routine for the Wedding-

Read more about that from my post here!


I am going to skip NYFW this February, just way too cold this time of year in New York! Instead, I am looking at going somewhere much much warmer with a few blog friends-stay tuned! I cannot wait to bring you some travel wear inspiration just in time for Spring Break!

That is all for now, but head back tomorrow to see more on the wedding and to see my invitations and save the dates!!


This fuzzy faux fur jacket is soooo stinking soft and comfortable. I could use it as a pillow and sleep like a baby! It is also super warm and worth every single penny. If you buy one more jacket this Winter, make it this one!

xoxo Amanda

The Outfit:

Fuzzy Faux Fur Jacket

White Cami

Distressed Jeans (similar here and here)

Brown Booties

Brown Belt

Suede Crossbody

Anita Lipstick

XO Amanda
January 17, 2017 Outfits

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