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I couldn’t think of a better time to post about this guest room refresh than today!  Seriously, it’s the perfect time as my very best friends traveled for the weekend to celebrate my 35th birthday with me.  I got this guest room refreshed just in time, all thanks to Gap Home at Walmart!  Did you guys even know that Gap came out with a home line?  I had no clue until I was scrolling for new guest room pieces and stumbled across Gap Home at Walmart.  This is their first ever home collection sold exclusively at Walmart and it is online only.

guest bedroom refresh with gap home on themilleraffect.com

gap home pillows for your guest bedroom on themilleraffect.com
gap home pillows for your guest bedroom on themilleraffect.com

For you guys that don’t know yet, we just bought a new house, so some of you might be thinking, ‘why refresh a guest room space now?’ Well, we don’t have a set in stone date of when we will be moving into our new house and I have been wanting to do an easy refresh in our guest room for quite some time now.  Better yet, all these new pieces will be going in one of the guest rooms at the new house too so it’s a win win!

For me, guest rooms are super important because we always have guests in our home whether it’s my parents, Troy’s parents, friends, other family, the list goes on and on.  My #1 rule when we have guests staying over is I want them to feel completely at home.  This means I want my guest room to feel as close to their bedroom as possible!  It needs to be cozy, warm, and inviting and some of those were lacking before I refreshed the room up a bit with these new pieces.

dark grey gap home pouf
walmart home mirrored tray with stripe succulent
gap home bedding from walmart on The Miller Affect

A plus side is that you don’t have to go all out and spend so much money refreshing your guest space up too if you are looking to do the same!  With Gap Home at Walmart I was able to pick out a handful of items to spruce up the space, without having to spend an arm and a leg doing so.  Gap Home at Walmart has timeless pieces with top quality design and go to essentials that make it super easy to refresh a space.  Whether you are wanting to shop for bedding, decor, bath, or tabletop accessories, Gap Home at Walmart makes it easy for you!

The New Refresh:

Like I already mentioned, I didn’t go crazy with the items that I purchased but it made the biggest difference to the guest room!  Breaking down all my purchases below by the category to make it easy for you to shop if you are looking to do the same.

Bedding: Gap Home Washed Frayed Edge Organic Cotton Quilt. This is SO comfortable and the quality is amazing.  We have a Queen in this bedroom but this comes in a King size too! Also available in blue, blush, gray, and tan!

New Pillows: Gap Home Chunky Stripe Decorative Oblong Throw Pillow, Gap Home Cross-Hatch Decorative Square Throw Pillow with Frayed Edge, Gap Home Yarn Dyed Variegated Stripe Decorative Oblong Throw Pillow, Gap Home Asymmetrical Stripe Decorative Square Throw Pillow  I love all of these pillows! I am so into the neutral colors and these are perfect for that.  If I want to add some spice I always will add a colorful blanket or switch out some of the pillows for a color.  Gap Home at Walmart has plenty of those too!

For The Bathroom: I went with the Gap Home Ombre 3 Piece Ceramic Bath Accessory Set Gray 3pc Set and it is the best set for the price and quality! Also made sure to grab the Gap Home Melange Organic Cotton 6 Piece Bath Towel Set and the Gap Home Melange Ombre Non-Slip Cotton Bath Rug.  The towels again are such great quality and the rug is so soft!

Decor Pieces: You can’t refresh a new space without some decor pieces! I am so happy with these three I ordered and I know they would look great in any space. I had to pick up the Round Wooden Serving Tray with Antique Mirror.  This gave me farmhouse/modern vibes and I love!  Along with that I picked up the Better Homes & Gardens Black Stone Faux Succulent to add some green to the space.  Also needed to pick up the Gap Home Washed Denim Indoor Floor Pouf as these make any space look great.


Other Finds From Gap Home at Walmart:

Gap Home at Walmart has way more than just the pieces shown above so I put together a collage of some of my other favorite items from the collection!

**to shop scroll your mouse over the image and click as it will take you straight to the site**

I hope you guys found this helpful if you are looking to refresh your bedroom space, guest room, bathroom, or kitchen space!

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xo Amanda


XO Amanda
August 27, 2021 Home

Introducing Gap Home at Walmart

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