Happy 20th Birthday Zappos!

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the miller affect celebrating Zappos' 20th Anniversary

I had the best time last week. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love all of the family time, as crazy as it can be (we have 5 kids between us now and they are 1, 1 1/2, 2, 4, and 16.) CRAZY!

I just LOVE traditions and I love year after year knowing that my family will come together for the holidays.

Speaking of yearly traditions… Did you know Zappos is celebrating its 20th birthday this year?! 20 YEARS! We all know and love Zappos of course, but I had no idea it only started 20 years ago. Can you believe how far the insanely-huge-e-commerce-website-that-is-Zappos has come in as little as 20 years?

uggs christmas boot from Zappos
UGG x Zappos 20th Anniversary Holiday Sweater Boot
the miller affect wearing the holiday sweater boot from ugg

Zappos’ 20th Anniversary

To celebrate their 20th Anniversary, Zappos teamed up with UGG to create the cutest, most unique UGG boot yet- their Holiday Sweater Boots!

I am one of the biggest Christmas fans you will meet. So, when Zappos x UGG came out with their Holiday Sweater Boot, I knew I had to have it. Can you believe how cute it is? I wore it around the house yesterday and Troy stopped and said, “Those boots are cute.”

OK, 1. Troy never pays attention to what I am wearing (mostly because I usually wear a million different things in one day) and 2. He never uses the word ‘cute’. I couldn’t believe it. It just proves how much he likes these boots too!

the miller affect wearing the UGG Zappos 20th x Holiday Sweater Boot

UGG x Zappos 20th Anniversary Holiday Sweater Boot

The UGG x Zappos 20th Anniversary Holiday Sweater Boot comes with the same shearling-lined comfort that we love, and a special red ribbon exclusive to Zappos! You won’t find it on any other UGG boot in the world! These exclusive boots are available for a limited time, in a limited quantity! Grab your size as fast as you can!

These boots would make such a great gift to yourself or for someone special. It is such a unique boot, so it would be such a unique gift. The fair isle print with the gorgeous trees and cute reindeer are basically what all of our Christmas dreams are made of. Yep, told you guys I was a fan of Christmas!

the miller affect wearing christmas ugg boots

Help me celebrate one of our favorite retailers, Zappos, turning 20 years by grabbing one of these UGG x Zappos exclusives below:

UGG x Zappos 20th Anniversary Holiday Sweater Boot

UGG x Zappos 20th Anniversary Holiday Sweater Slipper

Happy 20th Birthday Zappos! Cannot wait to see what the next 20 years bring!

To see the other six brands Zappos partnered with for their 20th Anniversary, click HERE. It includes some other well-known brands like Brooks, Toms, Sam Edelman, Birkenstock, and more. I linked a few of them below:

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xox Amanda

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