What’s New With The Miller Affect- Jan 2021

What’s New

I thought it would be fun to do some bi-monthly update for you guys since I know it is sometimes hard to keep up with what I am doing on my Instagram page.

Stores I am Loving:

Free People Sweater I Jeans I Steve Madden Booties

Nordstrom (took a Nordstrom break for the past 6 months but I always come back for their spring-fall styles!)

Shopbop (have you shopped here before? You get free two day shipping and returns when you sign in through Amazon!)

Free People (their Spring & Summer collections are always to die for!)

House Hunting:

We are actively looking for a new home here in CO. Whenever a new listing pops up that we are interested in we try to drive by the house before booking an appt to make sure it has the view we want (mountain views) and a nice size yard for the kids. Most of the time we can cancel the home off the list before we even walk inside it. Our current lease is up in June so we will definitely try to find something by then but if not we can extend our lease and stay here longer.


We hired a part-time nanny and it has made working from home so much easier for both Troy and me! She works from 9:30-2:30 and takes care of both of the kids.

Callen is sleeping through the night for the most part (a new sleep training blog post coming next week!) He will often wake up around 4-5am and cry out for 15 min or so and then put himself back to sleep, but most of the time he will sleep all the way through until about 6:30. I go in there at 7am every morning to grab him for his first feed. He is on the 3month sleep schedule via Moms on Call and his schedule will change on 2/20 to a all-new 4 month schedule! He can hold his head up nicely and swivel it around when we have him sitting up, but he still doesn’t like to hold it up for very long. His head is massive (in the 96th%), so tummy time, sitting up, and crawling will take a little longer for him like it did with Miller. He loves to talk and is finding new sounds every day. We recently tried to switch him to a #2 nipple but it just didn’t work for him so he is back on a #1 and doing great. He drinks 3oz breastmilk and 4oz formula at every feed (until we run out of breastmilk!) I am still squeezing him into his 0-3 month onesies, but most of his regular clothes are all 3-6 months. Oh and he is grabbing at everything now, and he is definitely sucking his thumb already!!

Miller just started swim class and she is loving it! We are going to put her in swim school for 2 days a week until she starts ski school. They have an indoor toddler ski/snowboarding school here that is SO DANG CUTE and will really help her get the grasp of things so she can get out on the real slopes next year. She is just the sweetest girl and loves to cuddle and give hugs and kisses. Her favorite shows are Daniel Tiger, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sesame Street, Paw Patrol (all time favorite), and Cocomelon. She is fully potty trained but still has accidents every now and then. We are so proud of her! She talks SO WELL! She talks in complete sentences and we can have full on conversations with her now- it is so weird! Her favorite things to do are watch tv, go hiking, and go to the bounce house place that we have around the corner.


Thankfully, with the help of my new assistant Katie, the blog is full steam ahead again! We will have AT LEAST three blog posts a week for you guys and I am pretty sure you are going to love everything we have on the calendar. Happy to be back doing what I love, but I also loved being able to just slow down a little last year and spend time with my family. Thank you guys so much for allowing me to that while still being here for me for when I bounced back! As you may have heard. I will have a brand new website built this year and should be ready and up by the beginning of summer. On that new website I will have everything you already know and love PLUS a new tall shop for all of my taller readers out there. So excited for this new project!

Here are some blog posts you can count on seeing in Feb:

Valentine’s Day Recipes

Sleep Training

Black-Owned Businesses to Shop This Month

Try It Tuesday Recap

Athleisure with Backcountry

How to Meet New People & Find a Nanny/Babysitter in a New Town

Spring Outfits with Janie & Jack

Accessories That Will Elevate Your Zoom Calls

Blogging Tips- Where/How to Find Help

Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to my blog so that you never miss a post. I only send out emails when there is a new blog post (so only 3x per week!) Subscribing will make sure you are notified whenever something new pops up on the blog. Another project on the agenda: Creating a better newsletter for all of you! In the works…

Clothing Collaboration Announcement

SO DANG EXCITED to announce I will be partnering with Gibsonlook in 2021 to co-create some new pieces of clothing for you guys!!! The first collections launches EARLY MARCH and I know you guys will love it so much! Stay tuned for more details on that…


We are heading to Breckenridge next week for a family trip and will be there for a full week.

In March we will be heading to Cozumel for two weeks! We will be staying at a VRBO with my parents for the first week and then we will be meeting up with one of our friends & checking into a resort for week 2.Make sure you read my ‘Traveling During a Pandemic‘ blog post if you are interested in traveling any time soon. I have updated it with the latest CDC travel guidelines.

Most Popular Items- Jan 2021

*click any item in the photo to shop

1 The.best.sweater.ever!!! Daily uniform for sure. So crazy soft and I love the tunic length. It is light enough that you will be able to wear it with jean shorts this spring.

2 Shackets are still trending obviously. This one is from Amazon.

3 Ugh, these keep selling out! I have my eyes on THESE NOW.

4 Have you grabbed these workout shorts yet? Only $30, comes in tons of colors, and the wide waistband is so flattering! I wear size m.

5 I think this is going to be on the top 10 forever and ever. As it should be!

6 Miller loves this tower. We have it next to the kitchen counter and she likes to ‘help’ us cook and she LOVES eating her snacks up there. She has a play kitchen in the basement that she used to never play with but ever since we got this learning tower she has been cooking in her play kitchen so much more.

7 This necklace was a Christmas present. It is $31 and I have both kids’s initials on it. I shower in it and never take it off and it has held up so well.

8 The chin mask! I noticed an insane difference in the wrinkles in my neck but only a slight difference in my double chin. I wore it for a week straight every morning for 1 hour.

9 My Amazon jacket was a huge hit! I think it is still on sale if you want to grab it- I am in size S. The pink is such a fun color and I get so many compliments on it, but it also comes in black, grey, and camel.

10 My AE mom jeans! They are my favorite! I wear 6Long.

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