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What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has arrived and they finally changed some things up! This year I was NOT impressed with the handbag or coat selections, which you will notice below, but I loved the shoes and jeans options more than ever!

What is the nsale exactly? It is when some of Nordsrom’s most popular brands release their FALL collections early and put them on sale.

If you are new to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, here are the dates you can shop according to your Nordy Club status. If you do not have a Nordstrom Card, you cannot shop the sale until the ‘Public’ date, which this year has been set for 7/15. Please note: these dates are according to the time zone of the sale. If it says 7/11, that means 7/11 at 12am ET. So if you are in any of the other time zones you can shop the night before that date. For example: I am an ICON. I can actually shop at 10pm MT on 7/10.


BIGGEST TIP OF THIS SALE: Do notttt order online for pickup in store. Why? Because what the store is showing it has may (and most likely is) already pulled for a customer or in someone’s dressing room. Half of your items will be cancelled if you shop this way and could be sold out online by the time they notify you. I recommend going into the store to browse or if you want to guarantee the best stock possible, ORDER ONLINE!

I am going to share my favorites from the sale below, but you can also view the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale preview and add to your wishlist from there. I also have everything I have worn and every styled outfit I created from the preview HERE on my LTK in a collection for you to easily shop from your phone!

My Picks from the NSALE

Make sure you are following me on Instagram, as I will be sharing styled reels and outfit photos all week as I get my items in! I already have a ‘nsale best of sneakers’ post up! View it below:

Most Likely to Sell Out

+click on the items above to add them to your wishlist

What I Buy Every Year

I grab a new pair of designer sunglasses (this year I am grabbing 2), these studs that look REAL, a barefoot dreams blanket, a new bra, my favorite deodorant (this three pack lasts me all year), and the Oribe shampoo and conditioner bundle.

Nordstrom’s Best Sellers

It never fails, jeans are the best selling items during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Why? Because customers can shop coveted brands like Mother, Paige, Rag & Bone, at a huge discount. Click any of the below jeans to add to your wishlist.

Baby Items

Are you expecting or do you have a friend that is expecting? Baby items are a great thing to shop during the nsale. These are all highly reviewed, very popular items that are most likely on their registry and they can now get them on sale! Send this post to a friend if you have someone in mind. My older sister bought a Doona on Amazon and when she saw the price it was going to be during the nsale she returned the Amazon one and is buying it from the sale! Flip through these below to see what they have:

Beauty Exclusives

You can’t find these value exclusives anywhere else!

I especially love these two products for summer:

Styled Outfits

Early Preview

I was able to go into the store and try some things on early! Here are some of our favorites. For size reference, Kimberly is 5’4 and I am 5’10.

And More…

Here are a couple more collages I made from the sale featuring my favorite bras (always good to grab your basics during this sale) and my favorite sneakers (I always grab at least one new pair every year!)

Still need more? Want to see what the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale had in years past? Visit a couple of the below links! And make sure to SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss my blog post on men’s, kid’s, what is left in stock, and more!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites

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How to Prep for the NSALE

14 Styled Looks from the NSALE

XO Amanda

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