Our Garage Makeover

+This post is sponsored by Tailored Living and ShopStyle. Troy and I had a hand/say in every part of the design process! Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.

I am so excited to finally share our garage makeover with you guys! You have been asking me about it for WEEKS and I love getting to talk you through the entire process. 

Here is a quick video of our garage makeover with Tailored Living so you can see everything in action and you can follow along as I explain in detail what went into this project.

Garage Makeover with Tailored Living

We worked with Tailored Living for this massive project. We had friends that used them to redesign their master closet and had such an amazing experience. Troy has been wanting to get the garage redone since we moved in. Our house was built in the 80s but was completely flipped and remodeled inside when we bought it. It looked brand new. Well, everywhere BESIDES the garage. The garage still looked 40 years old.

Tailored Living specializes in custom storage & home organization systems. They can do your closets, garage, home office, entryway, bedrooms, and so much more. Pretty much whatever you need when it comes to storage and organization. They are amazing at making the most of your space. They are the experts you want to call for maximizing your space. You can view their online design guide HERE.

We desperately needed to organize the garage. You can see from the video and pictures that it was horribly cluttered. There was so much stuff that we couldn’t fit two cars in the garage! I always parked in the garage and Troy had to park his car outside. He hated that! We definitely needed a solution and that solution was Tailored Living. They are the best at maximizing the usefulness of your garage.


Here are the simple steps we took to get the garage of our dreams:

  1. Make the call/At home consultation. Call Tailored Living (866-256-6734) and a professional in your area will come out for a consultation. You can see this at the beginning of the video above. They came out, measured our space, talked to us about what we wanted, and immediately designed a 3D mock-up of the space for us. From there we were able to talk about what we liked and wanted to change from the mock-up, and they made the necessary adjustments on the computer until it was exactly what we imagined. They were SO HELPFUL in picking out designs that would go with our exact storage bins and needs. They brought different samples so we could take them into the garage and see what colors we wanted to go with. There wasn’t a single question unanswered and by the end of the process, there wasn’t a single need unmet!
  2. Installation. After they leave your house, they immediately order the materials needed and they schedule a date with you for installation. All we had to do was clear the space! They did everything else! They even ripped out the old cabinets that we had in there and moved them out for us! Troy was SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT. You do not want to think about the things under and in 40-year-old cabinets, trust me! They were super professional during the entire process and never bothered us for anything. They also always kept us up to date on exactly what they were doing and we loved that. That allowed us to arrange Miller’s napping schedule during the quiet times since her bedroom is right over the garage. 
  3. THAT’S IT! Just two steps. Honestly, it was so easy and streamlined we just couldn’t believe it! It only took two days for the installation of our garage storage system!* And many other projects with Tailored Living could even be completed in just one day!

*Helpful Tip: We also had our garage flooring done and I highly suggest it! It looks so amazing and is so easy to clean. It really enhances the overall look of the garage. 

What Materials We Used/Chose for the Garage Makeover:

Cabinets: Finish was “Alno”

Shelving: They measured our storage bins and added shelving so that each bin would fit securely! How amazing is that?

Workbench: We used the same color as the other cabinets but added a Butcher Block Countertop. We also added lighting that turns on when you wave your hand under it!

Flooring: PremierOne Elements (color IRON)

Accessories: We had slatwall placed on the left wall where we can hang all of our bigger tools (shovels, rakes, etc) so they are not in the way!


tailored living garage before picture on themilleraffect.com

garage before tailored living makeover on themilleraffect.com

the miller affect sharing her garage before tailored living


garage cabinets installed by tailored living on themilleraffect.com

themilleraffect.com garage makeover by tailored livingthemilleraffect.com garage renovation by tailored living

the miller affect sharing her garage reno
tailored living tool storage on the miller affect
themilleraffect.com tailored living garage makeover
tailored living garage makeover on themilleraffect.com

the miller affect sharing her garage makeover

garage makeover on themilleraffect.com

Here are a few shots we took while we were packing up all of the bins and hanging all of our tools! Can you believe how organized it all looks?

tailored living garage solutions on themilleraffect.com

tailored living garage makeover
garage organization on themilleraffect.com

Why You Should Choose Tailored Living:

As you can see from these photos and the videos above, Tailored Living did an amazing job on our garage. It is just STUNNING. Troy and I look out there every day haha because we just can’t believe it is ours! Everything is put away neatly now and it is so easy to find. Even if we end up trashing the inside of our cabinets, you won’t be able to see it, so it won’t matter! All you will see when we pull in is our beautiful garage!

 I highly recommend using Tailored Living for your dream garage or space. Remember, they can do anything in your home for you! Use it as a present to yourself or your husband! Can you imagine the look on his face when you tell him he is getting a new garage? I wish I would have captured Troy’s face! He is still in shock/awe! When we invite people over it is the first stop on the tour now. He is so so proud of it!

We can now fit BOTH cars in the garage! We were driving the other day in Troy’s car and it started raining. Luckily our new garage allowed us to both pull in so Miller didn’t have to get wet at all!!

We are still talking about moving in a year but excited that this garage space will add so much resell value for us. I am pretty sure whenever someone sees our garage makeover they will be like SOLD!!

Call Tailored Living for your in-home consultation TODAY! IT IS FREE: 866-256-6734

You can contact Tailored Living today using this phone number: 866-256-6734. Set up a consultation and have them design a mock up of your dream space! There is no better time to get started. A cluttered house =a cluttered mind!

Let me know if you want to see more home projects, like this garage makeover, in the future! You can also shop home HERE.

xox Amanda

Photos and Video by Beckley & Co

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