The Best Mother’s Day Gift

*This post was written by my sister Adria, and all photos were taken by her.

COVID has affected every household in such incredibly unique and similar ways across the country, hasn’t it? I have found myself reevaluating life in every aspect, and hoping to discover what has worked and what hasn’t. What brings me joy when I’m home, and what needs to change? If you’ve found yourself right where I am, you may have also realized that the answer to most of my problems is “me.” I’ve come through some unusual struggles these last few weeks, and I’ve determined that I’m going to come out of this better than I went in, physically and emotionally.

As Mother’s Day creeps closer (and I’m not sure my husband even realizes it’s almost here), I’ve repeatedly caught myself asking, “What is really important to me right now? If I could ask for one thing what would it be? Would it be clothes, or makeup, a coupon book for nights off, a date night, or another type of experience.” Spending extra time inside these walls has given me a lot of thought on the things I want to do and the places I want to go and see when “I get out.”

After circling around the question again and again, I seem to come back to the thought that what seems to give me the most joy is seeing my kids run naked around the yard, freezing their smiles in my mind in the hopes of never forgetting those dimples. I look around my house and stare at the family photos we’ve taken and wish day after day that we could update those photos.  That is what I want for Mother’s Day if I could have one thing! I want to freeze time, freeze their faces and unique expressions, and capture these moments forever.

The Best Mother’s Day Gift

As I’ve given it more thought, I want every mom to have this gift; I want it to be special, and within reach of every family. I know that isn’t always possible, but I want to do my best. So for this Mother’s Day, I am offering gift certificates for the first time ever. For every $350 spent, I am giving an additional $75 print credit for FREE. Because what good is a photo session if you aren’t going to print them and put them on the wall to cherish every day?

My session pricing is $350 for up to 1 hour and you receive 5 4×6 sized digital images of your choosing from the edited gallery. You will also be able to purchase prints from the online gallery for 6 months. For an additional $750 you can purchase the full resolution digital files for the entire edited gallery.  Please also note that I shoot in film.

If you were just to buy a one hour session for $350, you would automatically get 5 4×6 digital images of your choosing from the edited gallery and a $75 print credit. You can then choose to order more prints or digitals from there. This $75 print credit is something I have never given before, but I feel like these photos are something we can all cherish during these unprecedented times.

I am currently accepting and booking sessions that follow all proper social distancing guidelines. As of May 1st, I have been allowed to photograph families again outdoors, and I am so excited to have my creative outlet back. I am so excited to see familiar faces and meet new families, and I hope to see you out there!

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