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My sister Adria Lea is opening a family photo session day on November 10th & Nov 24 here in DFW. Right now, if you book with her, I will give you a free family styling session! I will style your entire family for the shoot (I will send you tons of options that I think would be perfect for your family for you to grab!) . Just click HERE to book and put ‘The Miller Affect’ in the notes! You can find more of her work here.

*If Nov 10th or 24th do not work, contact her at to book on a different day. 

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When choosing outfits for our family photos this year I wanted something pretty neutral so that we could hang it all year round (maybe even use one for the picture above our mantle place!) I am sure as we start taking more family photos I will also want some for Spring, Fall, and Christmas! If you scroll below to the bottom you will find three different outfits for the entire family. One for year-round, one for Fall, and one for the Holidays! I will definitely be doing more of these because they were so fun to put together!

Everything you see on the collages below are either from H&M or from Amazon! I wanted to make sure everything was budget-friendly and that you could choose express shipping options. *Note that H&M clothes run about a size big for babies. Miller is 12m in a week but wears 9-12m from H&M. Please comment below if you have any other questions!

Adria Lea put together the tips for taking family photos below to ensure you guys have a successful session! Make sure you read them to make shoot day run as smoothly as possible.

themilleraffect family photos for fall

family photo outfits for year round photos
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neutral outfit ideas for family photos
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neutral outfit ideas for family photos

Tips for Taking Family Photos:

-Be interactive with the kids. The more candid the shots, the better! Pick them up, swing them around, tickle them, etc. It will loosen everyone up just to play around a bit when you get there,

-Smile, laugh, be happy and in the moment. 

-Bring someone along that can help you with the kids. They can help chase them down, make them smile, etc.

-Make sure the outfits aren’t too busy. We also like coordinating outfits over matching ones. Adria also loves neutrals. 

-Don’t go with crazy lipstick shades. Stick to something very natural like a blush or a rose. Also try to make your makeup look as natural as possible (makeup trends change throughout the years.)

-Timing is everything. Try your hardest to shoot at the best time of the day for the KIDS!

-Feed them RIGHT BEOFRE the shoot. Bribing the kids with food/snacks during the shoot never works! It usually backfires.

-Don’t put the kids in their clothes until you get there.

-Try not to make the ‘getting ready and getting there’ part stressful. If the kids feel the tension the shoot won’t go as smoothly. Adria does everything she can to make sure everything goes smoothly during the shoot! You should be in good hands with your photographer.

-Bring a toy that makes noise that the photographer can use to make the kids smile and to get their attention so they look at the camera (can be a new toy!)


year found photo outfits on

Mom: Top, Skirt, Shoes, Earrings

Dad: Shirt, Jeans, Shoes

Baby Girl: Bubble (comes in SO MANY colors!), Socks, Shoes, Bows

Baby Boy: Overall

Girls: Dress

Boys: Shirt, Jeans

fall family photo outfits on

Mom: Dress, Boots, Earrings

Dad: Shirt, Jeans

Baby Girl: DressBows

Baby Boy: Sweater + Pants

Girls: Sweater, Skirt, Shoes

Boys: Shirt, Pants

christmas card/holiday family photo outfits on

Mom: Dress, Shoes, Earrings

Dad: Sweater, Shirt, Jeans

Baby Girl: Dress, Tights, Shoes, Bows

Baby Boy: Sweater, Pants

Girls: Dress, Tights, Shoes

Boys: Shirt, Pants

I hope this helps you guys get ready for your own photos this holiday season! If you missed it, make sure to scroll up for Adria’s tips for taking family photos.

Also- Don’t forget, if you book with Adria for Nov. 10th, I will style your family for the photos for free! Just click HERE to book and write ‘The Miller Affect’ in the notes! If Nov 10th doesn’t work, still reach out to her via to book a different day.

To see more work from Adria Lea, head to my maternity session HERE and our wedding photos HERE.

xox Amanda

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