Try it Tuesday Items I LOVED

Here are my favorites so far!

Root Cover Up for Grey Hair

Ember Mug + Thermos

Electric Face and Brow Hair Remover


-every few months you will need to buy a replacement head for it.

-it is battery operated and comes with the batteries. AA for Face and AAA for Brows

-your hair will not grow back thicker or darker. It grows back the same!

-it does not cause breakouts or ingrown hairs

-benefits are: brightens your face, allows skin care products to absorb easier, smoother makeup application, and can diminish appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Dyson Airwrap

I love this product so much. Why did I go so long without it? Right now, the only place you can find it is refurbished on ebay, but I have heard from so many of you who bought it refurbished and say it works just as well! Plus, ebay has a 12 year warranty on it.

I will keep a lookout for it to come back in stock NEW.

Chin Mask

I didn’t notice anything after the first wear, but once I was able to wear it daily I noticed a huge difference in my wrinkles and a small difference in my double chin. I wore it for one hour every morning for 7 days.

Items I Didn’t LOVE:

Thrive Mascara

BabyFoot Mask



From the Gram


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