What to Put in a Toddler’s Easter Basket

Will you be doing your annual Easter Egg Hunt this year? We already did one with Miller and it was SO MUCH FUN! I think we will definitely be doing it again on Easter (and then maybe a few times after that too!) One of you messaged me and told me you are doing one every single day with your kids! It is a great way to get them to be active outdoors and it is also a great way to shed some time off the clock each day.

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We went pretty simple with Miller’s basket, but she loved every single thing in it. These are great ideas for what to put in a toddler’s Easter basket, but you can also add or subtract any of these items when you put together your own.

Let me start with her actual basket because I am IN LOVE!

Monogrammed Easter Basket

monogram bunny basket liner from pottery barn kids

Pottery Barn Kids is having a massive sale on their Easter products (up to 60% off), so I grabbed Miller’s basket and embroidered bunny liner from there. The total was only $37 for the basket and personalized liner (I used font dana), and I know she will use this basket for years!

What to Put in a Toddler’s Easter Basket

The Eggs

Miller is a little too young still for egg dying, so we went with regular plastic eggs. These super cute animal eggs from Target weren’t that expensive and I liked the size of them. They were also really easy for her to open on her own, and I know we can use them year after year.

Egg Fillers

We filled her eggs with some of her favorite snacks, like carrot and tomato goldfish, yogurt bites, banana puffs, etc. We did not use any candy to fill the eggs (she doesn’t eat candy yet!) Maybe in a few more years haha!

We also filled some of the eggs with egg-shaped sidewalk chalk. At 16 months Miller is a little too young for the chalk, but I think by next month she may actually stop trying to eat it (fingers crossed!) She can definitely already color the pavement with them, but then she will stop and suck on them for awhile :/.


We added two small books to Miller’s basket that she loves. One has a little bunny finger puppet on it and the other is the true story of Easter.


Her favorite thing in her Easter basket would have to be these little wind up chicks. She immediately went for all of these first and now she plays with them daily inside the house. We also got this little hopping bunny at Target that hops around when you press it’s backside and makes cute bunny noises. Miller plays with it every day and is often seen carrying it around the house by the ears!


We added this super cute bunny night light that she has loved having in her room and some bunny ears that were more for us than for her. We all put them on and took goofy pictures and it made her giggle. We leave them around the house now and she will pick them up and try to put them on or try to put them on her stuffed animals.

That’s it! A pretty simple basket that she loves! We didn’t go with any of the plastic grassy filler (what a mess), and we only filled about 10 eggs for her to find. I hope this helps!

Send me some photos of your little ones Easter egg hunting this year please! Spread the joy! I would also love to hear if you have any more ideas on what to put in a toddler’s Easter basket! Leave your tips in a comment below.

*For details on Miller’s Easter outfit, head HERE.

xox Amanda

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  1. Kristi
    March 30, 2020 / 10:22 pm

    Omg seriously! When will they stop putting EVERYTHING in their mouths?! Haha! My 15 month old puts everything in her mouth that we have to put a Nuk in her mouth to stop her half the time! Hoping she stops doing that so we can try to break her if that habit soon enough! Ha! Miller is just a doll!

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