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In a recent survey on Instagram stories I asked YOU what your favorite products were from 2020 (that you found from my blog.)

Here are the results:

Your Favorite Products from 2020

1. Tula Products

Most of you didn’t give a specific product. You just said ‘All Things Tula!’ I hear you, I love Tula too and they came out with some AMAZING new products in 2020!

Some people did actually write out specific examples of the Tula products you found and loved in 2020. Here they are:

Tula Blurring Primer– One of my absolute FAVORITE Tula products to date! It is all I have been wearing as foundation lately (wearing it right now as I type this!)

Tula Beauty Sleep– My favorite nighttime mask! It plumps your skin and keeps it super hydrated. Plus, you don’t have to wash it off!

Tula Eye Balm– One of Tula’s most popular products out there. My favorite eye balm is in the blue bottle because it tingles the most, but the pink tube gives off the prettiest color.

Tula Vitamin C Serum– One of Tula’s newest products at a great price!

My code is MILLER for 15% off your Tula order!

New to Tula? Try THIS SET to get started!

My favorite Tula product of 2020 isn’t listed here, so make sure to check back next week to find out what it is!

2. Aerie Finds

I am 100% with you guys on this one too! I am soooo glad I found these two Aerie finds and cannot wait to add more colors to my collection in 2021:

Aerie OFFLINE Henley– My favorite top! I own it in 5 colors and cannot wait to see what the Spring colors for 2021 will be! This is the softest shirt ever and goes with everything. It has a high low hem so you can wear it with leggings, jeans, or anything really!

Aerie OFFLINE Leggings– want the feel of Lululemon Align Leggings without the price tag? Introducing Aerie OFFLINE Leggings!!! You will LIVE in these! SO crazy comfortable and stretchy with just the right amount of support.

3. Free People Ottoman AND the FP Ottoman Look-Alike

These got the same number of votes. I would much rather pay $150 for a sweater I know will last forever than $40 for a sweater that may not make it after a couple of washes. That is just my (probably unpopular opinion!) Of course, if this is a budget issue and you have a limited budget, definitely try the look-alike! It is a great sweater, super soft, and comes in tons of fun colors. If you would rather fill your closets with items that will stand the test of time, splurge and grab the original!

4. Lululemon Everything

So glad this was your fourth most-loved of 2020! I have some new Lulu gear on it’s way to me know that I can’t wait to try out for you guys! Since I will be doing daily workouts for awhile, I will try to show you what I am wearing for each workout!

Specific Lulu items that were mentioned:

Speed Up Short 4″– I love the high waisted 4″ shorts the best too! The length is great, the wide hem is flattering, and they don’t ride up at all! They are my favorite shorts to run in.

Fast and Free Run Hat w/ Pony– I am SO GLAD they came out with this hat!! I was having to wear a low pony on my runs and hikes when I would much rather wear a high bun or pony!

5. Tubby Todd

Whether you shop at Tubby Todd for the bath bombs or the All Over Ointment, it has clearly become a big hit with all of you!! Love it!! If you haven’t heard of it yet, the bath bombs are so great when you are washing your little’s hair! The smell stays in their hair for dayssss and they don’t mess with their skin at all. The All Over Ointment is a miracle cream for eczema, cradle cap, and pesky baby acne.

Other products to try if you haven’t already: Hair Detangler and Mineral Sunscreen (the only sunscreen we use on the kids and they have never had skin irritation or a sunburn!!)

Click THIS LINK to purchase from Tubby Todd and you will get 15% off at checkout.

6. Skinceuticals, SK-11, Tarte, Artis Brushes

These three items all got a ton of votes!

Skinceuticals makes the C E Ferulic and Hyaluronic Acid serums I am always raving about. They are pricey but worth every penny if you apply them daily! I lot of people also rave about their eye cream and retinol, but I have never tried either!

Sk-11 is basically a miracle worker in a bottle. Wear it daily for younger looking skin in just three weeks! It is pretty pricey too but should last you around 3 months for one bottle! You can also usually find it at Costco!

Artis Brushes– Pricey but save you so much money in the long run because you use so much less product when you apply with these brushes.

Honorable beauty mentions were the Pixi Glow Tonic, Fake Awake eyeliner, and Charlotte Tillbury Setting Powder:

7. Adidas Ultraboost

Soooo many people said adidas ultraboost was their FAVORITE find this year!!! I love that since I have around 4-5 pairs. They keep luring me in with new colors and styles ugh! Definitely go down in the ultraboost for the best fit. These are AMAZING running shoes but I also love how stylish they are so you can wear them with jogger and jeans when you go to run errands as well!

PS- Some people find the Ultraboost too wide for their feet (like Troy), if that is the case, these Nike Flyknit sneakers are also THE BOMB and I just found them this year!

8. Men’s Products

The men’s flyknit sneakers from the NSALE and the Men’s Waffle Knit Sweater from Amazon Prime Day were your favorite men’s products from 2020. Troy has both and loves both! He would probably say the sneakers are his favorite thing from 2020. He is on his second pair right now (the first pair he got were white and he wore them so much they are basically black, so the second pair he purchased were black!) He wears them 24/7.

And all the men in my family now own the waffle knit from Amazon!

9. Honeydew Pajamas

Was not surprised to see these make the top of the list! Honeydew Pajamas are so dang soft! I was actually wearing a set this morning and had tons of messages about them! I just grabbed the new pink leopard set below!

10. Gap Factory Outwear

YESSSS to this!!!! If you didn’t know, now you know- Gap Factory has the most AMAZING outwear for kids and the prices are unbelievable! Right now you can get a baby bunting for only $15. Miller and Callen both have this same one from GF and it is fleece lined and CRAZY WARM INSIDE! $15!!!!

Miller’s faux fur hood puffer jackets are also from GF and are around $22 right now. How crazy is that?! Also fleece lined- the provide so much warmth for these crazy Colorado winters!

11. Kid’s Toys

Here are the top kid’s toys from my blog in 2020 (according to you guys!)

Play Sink- This sink actually has running water! Miller has sooo much fun with it!

My First Word’s Flashcards– The Jelly flashcard is actually sticky!! They also have Animals and Shapes! You will love these!

Color Water Mat– We ditched the pens these came with and let her go to town with water and paintbrushes! She loves it!

V Tech Activity Desk- Miller plays with this almost daily! It is 33% off right now!

Poke-a-dot Books– It took me wayyy to long to find these too! It is a great way to get them to learn counting as well! I just bought THIS SET from Melissa & Doug!


12. Amazon Finds

I bunched this up together since there were so many of them this year! Here were your favorite Amazon finds in 2020:

Did I miss your favorite find from The Miller Affect? If so, please leave it in a comment below!

xox Amanda

XO Amanda
January 8, 2021 Outfits

Your Favorite Products from 2020

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