One Sweater Three Ways

Here is a quick post about my favorite sweater from my #30sweaters30days series worn three different ways.

Cable Knit Matte Chenille Balloon Sleeve Sweater

There are just a few reasons why this is my favorite sweater from the series.

  1. Chenille. Yes, it is chenille!!! This brown sweater from DAY 12 is the only other chenille (...)

An Olive You Post

Hi friends!

This post is going to be short and sweet. I am out here in Virginia right now with my family and everyone is watching football (so it is super hard to concentrate on anything!)

Not to mention we went on a strenuous hike, then did a hard cider tasting, and thennnn a beer (...)



Happy Columbus Day guys! Who is off work today!?


I am so excited to start this #30Sweaters30Days series! Did you see my pink sweater series? It will basically be the same thing, but I will have 30 sweaters in 30 days and you will be able to find all the sweaters on the (...)

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