Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Two Great Pencil Skirts from the …

Happy Work Wear Wednesday guys!

Today's post is all about two amazing pencil skirts from the N Sale styled three ways! Oh and the 'N Sale' is just an abbreviation for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

My job is business professional, which means dresses, skirts, and maybe a few pants every now and then when we (...)

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Three Casual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Outfits

Happy Tuesday guys! I am glad to be back and I am definitely going to hit the ground running. I feel so bad for being behind on the N Sale. My vacation came at the WORST TIME!

Did you guys get all you needed from the sale? If yes HOORAY for you! If not, here (...)


Dominican Republic Instagram Roundup

Whew, I am finally back and I cannot believe I have to go back to work :(.

Troy and I talked about what we could do to live in the Dominican. I could blog and he could be a golf pro. Do you guys do this when you travel? Do you talk about being a (...)

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Work Wear Wednesday- The Nordstrom Sale

The Outfit:

Lace Halogen Dress

Black Mary Jane Heels

Black Structured Tote

Pink Lipstick (Color:Natalie)

This week's addition of Work Wear Wednesday revolves around the big Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

I am actually typing this post while laying on the beach under a big straw hut in the Dominican Republic! I just know how much you (...)


What to Wear to a Pool …

I know the N Sale has us all thinking of Fall right now, but Summer is DEFINITELY not over (especially in Texas) && especially not for me since currently I am in the Dominican Republic ;).

We still have many more pool parties left before we have to hang up our suits for sweaters and (...)


Have You Heard?

Have you heard the news?

Victoria's Secret is officially DONE with their swim line. You probably have this lost look on your face right now and your mouth is probably hanging wide open. I know mine was when I heard the news. I think my chin actually hit the floor. I may have even cried (...)