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Here are all of the items we brought with us for the kids! So much to pack but all of this fit in one suitcase and a carry on!

You can click on the items in the collages below to shop them!


I packed a mix of stuff for the kids, but was actually able to find so many cute beach sets for Miller from Amazon! Callen is easy because he is just in onesies the entire time here (too hot for anything else!) Other places I love shopping for Miller at include Beaufort Bonnet Co and Carter’s always has the best long-sleeve tees for the kids.

For The Beach & Pool

Baby essentials for the beach: sunglasses with a strap, a hat, swim diapers, long sleeve top, and cute swim trunks!

Miller’s essentials: cute long-sleeve swimsuit, reusable swim diaper, sunglasses, and water shoes!

And both need sunscreen of course! My favorite sunscreen for kids is currently sold out. So many of you grabbed it after seeing my Best Sunscreen for the Whole Family post!

Activities & Pool Accessories

We brought tons of toys with us but if you have a chance to go to the supermarket where you are staying you can also buy toys there. The key is to make everything ‘new’. So we didn’t show any of these toys to Miller until we got on the plane or until after we got to our house in Mexico.

The mess free paint books and coloring books are so great for the plane and to take up some time at the house. She loves the microphone and the adults had some fun singing karaoke with it too (it connects to your phone via bluetooth!)

We downloaded tons of new shoes and movies to Miller’s Amazon fire tablet before leaving. You can use the Disney+ app, amazon prime, netflix, etc on it.

The speedo puddle jumper is a favorite for us. Miller is so secure in it. I couldn’t find it anywhere else by ebay so grab it asap if you need it. I am not sure how much that seller has.  I also added Callen’s float here. It says 9months but Callen is basically as big as a 7 month old and is fine in it. He just leans back. We definitely have to keep a constant eye on him in it but we would no matter his age.

The bouncer was CLUTCH! It came disassembled and we kept it that way so it would fit well in the suitcase and then Troy assembled it here in Mexico! We will probably leave it behind when we leave and hopefully the housekeeper can make use of it! He loves being in a bouncer at home so it is something familiar to him. We also bring it out to the pool chairs in the shade and he bounces away and watches Miller swim.


So much to talk about in this category!

First, we brought the Doona for Callen. We needed a carseat for him anyway and he sleeps well in the Doona. Then we brought the G-Lite for Miller. It’s the BEST travel stroller out there. We honestly haven’t really had to use a stroller for her here though- only at the airport.

We brought the 4moms Breeze Pack n Play because it is the biggest one we own and Miller is tall for her age. She has plenty of room in it. We have the smaller Graco one at home but it really just doesn’t give her enough room.

Slumber pods are a must! We actually borrowed one from a friend and then brought our own so both kids have tents over their pack n plays/cribs right now! So clutch when you have multiple kids staying in your room and it gets bright in there early.

I included some travel bags for the Doona and G lite and of course the stroller fans we use outside at the pool AND inside in the slumber pods.

Other Necessities

We brought 3 bottles for Callen and TONS of formula. We packed all of the diapers, wipes, and formula in the carry on since they take up so much space and we wanted to make sure we had it all handy.

We realized when we got here that the grocery store actually carries the same formula we use so we could have just grabbed that here but you really never know!

PS- if you want your baby to love pacis, GET THESE BIBS PACIS!!! Callen was not about the paci life until we introduced these. He loves them.

Let me know if you have any questions about anything.


XO Amanda
March 30, 2021 Baby

What I Packed for Mexico- Kids Edition

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