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I hope you enjoyed Miller’s first ever Reel on my Instagram Feed! We all had fun creating it. She took it so seriously though haha we will have to work on getting her to loosen up a little. All business with that one!

I love to shop for kid’s clothes (much more than shopping for myself actually!) You just need to know where to look to make it easier, and more fun.

Where to Shop for Kid’s Summer Clothing

The Best Bang for Your Buck

When it comes to the best price for the quality that you get, H&M and Old Navy are my two favorite places to look at when it comes to shopping for kid’s summer clothing. (If you are looking in the fall or winter, Zara is my favorite!)

H&M and Old Navy both have the cutest summer clothes and the prices are crazy inexpensive. H&M sometimes does 20% off the entire website and Old Navy frequently has sales. If you can, I would watch daily for one of these and order then!

Here are some of my favorites right now from both brands:


*H&M runs an entire size big until you get to about 4T! Super important to remember that before ordering. We ordered a lot of 3T stuff for Miller but we made sure they had drawstrings or else the pants would have fallen right off her.

H&M also carries the best accessories. Almost all of Miller’s shoes are from H&M and her hats and sunglasses are from there too!


Old Navy

Old Navy runs true to size.


Special Occasion Shops

If you are shopping for something in particular, like a photo shoot, vacation outfit, or if you just have a higher budget, I love these shops at a little higher price point for kid’s summer clothing:

Beaufort Bonnet Co

The sweeeeetest clothes at this shop. I am obsessed. I sometimes get a 40% off coupon from them and go CRAZY.


Boden Kids is where we get all of our Harry Potter outfits!

Shrimp & Grits

When you are looking for smocked outfits, make sure to check out Shrimp & Grits Kids first! The highest quality you can find. They actually have sales often too and I always grab items for the next year (and the next) during the sales!

Janie & Jack

My favorite place to shop when looking for a special occasion dress!

Monica & Andy

I love shopping at Monica & Andy when I am looking for a present for a mama to be or a congrats gift for a mom that just had their baby. They have the most amazing newborn kids with everything you need those first few weeks!

Is there another great shop for kid’s summer clothing that I am missing? Leave it in a comment below please!

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xox Amanda

XO Amanda
May 17, 2021 Baby

Where to Shop for Kid’s Summer Clothing

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