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  1. Rochelle

    Where did you get that pink brush holder!? I love it!

    1. Amanda Miller

      From sigma!

  2. Lacey

    I absolutely love Sigma! That brush stand is everything tho! For real!


    The Glitter Gospel

  3. Lauren Danks

    Loved the beauty post! You should definitely do it more often!! The makeup looks beautiful on you?!? Have you ever posted about Rodan+Fields?!?

  4. Elly e

    Love Sigma. Their brushes are amazing. The eyeshadow palettes and blushes are also so good, great pigment and beautiful colors!

  5. Kari

    I’ve never tried sigma before except for brushes but they look great!!
    You totally should d more beauty posts 😉
    xo. Kari



The Miller Affect posting about her favorite Sigma Beauty

The Miller Affect talking about Sigma Beauty brushes
The Miller Affect wearing Sigma Beauty blush
The Miller Affect talking about her 10 favorite Sigma Beauty products
The Miller Affect applying Sigma Beauty bronzer
The Miller Affect using Sigma Beauty Highligher
The Miller Affect using Sigma Beauty Highligher

Yay! A beauty post! I feel like I DO NOT talk about beauty enough, but love creating the posts every time. This specific post was super fun because I actually started with zero makeup and took my photographer through the entire routine as she shot it! Her response at the end was that I should do makeup posts more often! What do you guys think? Do you want to see more makeup/beauty on here?!

Make sure to check my Instagram Stories today because I will be applying this makeup for you in my mirror!

Sigma Beauty

Most of you have heard of Sigma Beauty and a big chunk of you actually use Sigma Beauty products. If I had to guess, I bet MOST of you have at least one makeup brush from this brand. They are known for their amazing makeup brushes and brush care items, but did you know that they actually have gorgeous beauty products outside of their brushes? I am so excited to show you the 10 Sigma Beauty products you can’t live without!

Not only do you get amazing quality in Sigma’s makeup, but it is also super affordable! Make sure to check out each item so see the incredible prices!

10 Sigma Beauty Products You Can’t Live Without:

Make sure to look at the photos in this post as I am going to go through them in order as I talk about my favorite products:

1.Aura Powder Blush- Cor-De-Rosa

I found a new FAVORITE blush!! I couldn’t believe how perfect this color was on me. Sometimes when you order things online you have never tried you just cross your fingers and hope it works. This color is GORGEOUS guys! It also goes on super smooth and a little goes a long way!

2.Powder Bronzer – Limelight

This bronzer layers seamlessly with your Cor-De-Rosa blush! The colors look beautiful together. I love the pinker tones in the bronzer because when you put it on it looks completely natural. I hate it when you can clearly see the bronzer on your face. It should always be well-blended and that look is super easy to get with this Limelight Bronzer from Sigma Beauty.

3. Liquid Highlighter – Afterglow

This is by far my favorite product from Sigma Beauty!!! Oh and it is only $12!!! It may look a little weird in the photos, but it is a liquid highlighter that blends perfectly into your skin for the most amazing glow. I have it on and blended in the last picture and you can see the small shine I have on my cheeks. In the previous photo I actually show you where I apply it.

I cannot say another good things about this product. A little goes a long way and it smooth and creamy- not too heavy! Definitely try this product guys! I cannot wait to hear what you think!

The Miller Affect using a Sigma Beauty eyeshadow palette
The Miller Affect applying Sigma Beauty eyeshadow
The Miller Affect wearing sigma beauty highlighter eyeliner
The Miller Affect wearing Sigma Beauty mascara
The Miller Affect showing you her favorite eyebrow palette

4.Eye Shadow Palette – Warm Neutrals

I know we all have our favorite eye shadow palettes, but for $39 this one is a no brainer. I love all the warm tones and pink shades. Pink eyeshadow is actually super pretty on. I am wearing it in the photos above.

Some palettes have cheap eyeshadow that you have to cake on the brush. With this palette, you can barely get anything on the brush and it will cover your entire eyelid!

5.Inner Rim Brightener- Final Touch

Another favorite product from Sigma Beauty! I had my makeup done in high school for prom and the beauty expert told me to always use inner rim brightener on my eyelids because it will make my small eye appear bigger. Some of the best advice I have ever received! It really works!

If you have smaller eyes, try this rim brightener! It will not only draw people to your eyes but it will definitely make them look bigger.

It’s only $9 so give it a try today!

6. Monumental Lash Mascara

The more bristles on a brush the more volume you will get. If a brush has fewer or harder bristles, then you will get more length. This is DEFINITELY a volume brush!

It is basically resistant to everything so you will get a very long wear from it, but will also need some hard core makeup remover to get it off. I recommend holding the remover on the lashes for 10 seconds and then swipe it off.

I love the way my lashes looked after using this, and went through an entire photo shoot (for three hours wearing sweaters in 90 degree temperatures) and the mascara never smudged! YES PLEASE!

7. Brow Expert Kit- Medium

My microblading is starting to wear a little so I definitely have to keep my eyebrows filled in. I love this kit from Sigma! I got the medium shade which is perfect for my darker eyebrows. The Medium Kit also comes with some lighter shade in case yours aren’t as dark!

All of this is included in the kit:

  • E75 – Angled Brow & E80 – Brow & Lash dual-ended brush
  • Expert Trim
  • Sharpener
  • Expert Tweezer
  • Brow Powder Duo
  • Brow Highlight Duo
  • Brow Wax

It is on sale for $34 so grab this kit now!

The Miller Affect wearing lip concealer
The Miller Affect wearing Sigma Beauty lipstick
The Miller Affect wearing Sigma Beauty lipstick
The Miller Affect sharing 10 Sigma Beauty Products You Can't Live Without
The Miller Affect sharing 10 Sigma Beauty Products You Can't Live Without

8. Lip Concealer – Lose The Halo

Have you tried lip concealer? It really helps your lipstick go on smoother and helps it stay on longer. It is a primer for your lipstick and I have been using it every day since I got it! It really helps when you have chapped lips- which it seems like I ALWAYS have during the Fall/Winter!

9. Power Stick Lipstick- In Spades

Love this pretty color of lipstick! I wore it over the lip concealer throughout my entire three hour shoot and I never had to reapply! This color is In Spades and it is an earthy, natural lip color. Click the link above to check out all of Sigma Beauty’s lip shades.

10. Sigma Dry’N Shape® Spa

Need a brush cleaner? This product has everything you need for your brushes. You can clean, dry, and re-shape your brushes with this! It is also just something cute to keep all of your brushes on in your bathroom! (Check out the top two photos in this post to see this product up close!)

There are definitely a few more products I used to complete the look. I just didn’t think they made it to the top 10 list. If you want to complete the look, grab these products as well:

Sigma Beauty Brush Sets

Here is the brush set I used for this entire tutorial! The only thing not included in this set that I needed was a brush for my blush. I used the one for concealer instead.


Check out Sigma Beauty today! You are going to LOVE what you find!

xoxo Amanda

Photos by Angie Garcia

*This post is sponsored by Sigma Beauty. All items were picked out by me and all opinions and reviews are 100% my own. Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.


XO Amanda
September 25, 2017 Beauty

10 Sigma Beauty Products You Can’t Live Without

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