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Happy Monday!!

This time tomorrow I will be on a flight to the Dominican Republic where I will be for nine days!!

I am so excited to be getting away with my older sister :). She is an amazing photographer (@adrialea on Instagram) so get ready for some beautiful photos! I will also be dressing her for the trip, so you will be able to shop all of her looks from my Instagram Stories!!

The Miller Affect posting about the Lorac eyeshadow palette from Ulta

Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Sale

Well, let’s live in the present shall we? Today, I have teamed up with Ulta to share their 21 Days of Beauty sale!

I had no idea about this amazing sale until a week ago. I am so sad I have been missing out on this my entire life!!

The 21 Days of Beauty sale is just what it sounds like! For 21 days starting on March 19, Ulta sells their top rated, best-selling products for HALF OFF!

They choose around three products each day to put on sale, so you will have to keep up with each day (or find the items you want and go online that day!)

The entire calendar of what will be on sale and which days is already up, so check it out here!

It just so happens, five of the products I use to do my eye makeup will be on sale!! Here is a quick tutorial:

Eye Makeup Tutorial

1. Step One. Spray Smashbox Primer Water all over your face. One or two sprays will work! This keeps your makeup on all day long! It will be on sale on Friday, March 31, for half off making it only $16!’

Amanda Miller posting about 21 days of Beauty with Ulta

2. Step Two. Next, make sure to apply primer on your eyelids! Lorac’s eyeshadow palette comes with a primer that works soooo well!!! I can’t take my eyeshadow off unless I used soap! It makes your eye makeup last so long! This primer will be on sale with the eyeshadow palette on Sunday, April 2. The complete set will be on sale for $21.

Amanda Miller applying Lorac Behind the scenes eye primer from Ulta

3. Step Three. Apply your eyeshadow! This is where it gets kind of tricky! I use all of the colors in the Lorac eyeshadow palette! Not at once of course! I always use three different colors. The lightest color should first be applied on your eyelids. Then, apply the medium color on the top of your eyelid around the crease. Then, use the darkest photo on the outer corner of your eyelid to get that amazing smokey-eye look! I hope I am making sense!! Remember, this Lorac eyeshadow palette is going to be on sale for $21 on April 2nd!!

The Miller Affect using Lorac eyeshadow palette
The Miller Affect doing an eye makeup tutorial on the blog
The Miller Affect showing you how she puts on her eyeshadow with Lorac
The Miller affect talking about Ulta's 21 days of beauty
The Miller Affect using the Lorac eyeshadow palette from Ulta
4. Step Four. Apply eyeliner. I use Maneater’s Self-Sharpening Eyeliner. I love that it doesn’t smudge at all and it goes on so silky! I learned a trick in high school. If you have small eyes, like me, don’t outline the eyes completely. Outline about 3/4 of your eyelids, leaving the 1/4 clear on the inner corners. This will open your eyes and make them appear bigger! If you have bigger eyes and want to make them appear smaller, then you should outline them completely! This Maneater eyeliner will be on sale on Tuesday, March 28th, for $10!

The Miller Affect wearing Maneater eyeliner from Ulta
The Miller Affect using self-sharpening eyeliner from Maneater

Step 5: Curl your lashes. This is completely up to you. Some people say this can really hurt your lashes, but I haven’t seen a problem! I curl them for 30 seconds on each side and it does soooo much for my lashes! There is an amazing Shiseido eyelash curler going on sale on Sunday, April 2nd, for $10!

The Miller Affect using a Shiseido Eyelash Curler

Step 6. Apply Mascara. No trick here! I guess the only trick would be to make sure to use ‘They’re Real’ mascara! It makes you look like you have eyelash extensions in! It thickens and lengthens and lasts all day long! It goes on sale on March 30th for $12!

The Miller Affect using They're Real mascara from Ulta
The miller Affect talking about the 21 days of beauty from Ulta
The Miller Affect holding They're real mascara which goes on sale this week

Here are all the products I used for my tutorial! They will ALL be on sale for HALF OFF this week during the 21 DAYS OF BEAUTY SALE AT ULTA!

*This post is sponsored by Ulta. All products were picked out by me and all opinions are 100% my own. Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.

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