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  1. Jessica

    Love Henry, Leo & Nash! They all roll off the tongue so nicely! Parks Pollard sounds a little too alliterative for me! Wishing you all the best, mama!

  2. Katherine

    Henry or Leo!!

  3. Anonymous


  4. Anonymous

    Nash has been my boy name for 9 years and I loved how unique and rare it was. Please don’t make it popular 😩 #askingforafriend

  5. Anonymous

    Nash or Leo!

  6. Debbie

    You look amazing! Healthy and Happy! Once you see his beautiful little face a name with magically fit! Rest up! You have a busy month ahead 🙂

  7. Diane

    Leo, Parker or Nash are my faves . I think Thomas Henry was a famous doctor or something like that…so that’s not a bad thing😉 and wasn’t Henry Thomas the actor that was in ET?? Regardless of the name he will be well loved and adorable I’m sure!

  8. Anonymous

    Leo or Henry!!! So cute!!

  9. D

    Thomas Banks Pollard but call him Banks. Rolls off the tongue easier. Also love Henry. Hope all goes well!

  10. Philicia


  11. Kate @katebowensongs

    Parks is awesome!! I have a friend who is just Park which I also like. Nash and Leo are close seconds to me 🙂 prayers and happy vibes to you and yours from a fellow pregnant mom in Denver –

  12. Alex M.

    Leo, Parks & Henry! Love them!

  13. Shannon Meiner

    Henry and Leo!!! Leo is on our list if we have a boy, it’s a family name for us also. Love using family names!

  14. Anonymous

    Leo, Ty, or Henry!

  15. Maria

    Leo or Henry! Absolute perfection!

  16. Anonymous

    Leo or Henry!!

  17. Maritza

    NASH! What a fantastic name. I too, had to be induced with my last boy. I had a 7 year that I had no one to watch or pick up from school. So, as I was being induced my son, Joshuah and my husband where in the same room until I was ready to push. Wasn’t fun but we had to do it. Now he’s 13 and is my man child! He’s taller than me! We named him Yovanny. My daughter is Cynthia, she’s 27.

  18. Shana

    The two family names are the cutest! They flow with the middle names you picked.
    You look adorable. Glad you are doing well.

  19. Anonymous

    Leo or Henry!

  20. Anonymous

    Henry ❤️❤️

  21. Tami

    Parks is my favorite on your list but they are all great… Nash would be my 2nd! I have personally known 1 person named Parks and he was so special to me and I just remember thinking…. that’s the coolest name I have ever heard💙

  22. Anonymous


  23. Clare

    I vote Henry! 🙂 Wishing you all the best.

  24. Sandra


  25. Britt

    Henry Thomas Pollard! It’s perfect!! So excited for you guys!

  26. Monica

    Leo and Henry

  27. NA

    Henry!! Love it!! Classic, cute, goes great with Thomas… ❤️❤️❤️

  28. Anonymous


  29. Anonymous

    Henry Thomas ❤️❤️❤️

  30. Kathy

    I really like Leo Thomas Pollard and Henry Thomas Pollard!

  31. AC

    I love Henry and Leo!!

  32. Anonymous

    Parks is cute but I love the name Leo or Parker!

  33. Anonymous

    Love the name Parks!

    1. Sia

      Love the sound of….Henry Thomas Pollard a great strong name. Love all the names you have chosen best wishes to you

  34. Andrea

    No question, Henry!!!! Classic boy names stand the test of time.
    I wanted to name my son Henry ( Heinrich, is a family name the german version of Henry!), but my last name starts with an H, too alliterative for me! So we went with Eric, as it aligned with Dad’s Norwegian and my German heritage.
    But so yes on Henry!🤞

  35. Carolyn

    Ty Thomas Pollard

  36. Heather

    I still love NASH since your first list. And with my second baby, I was super uncomfortable the last cpl of months and my Dr. said it was bc everything is streched out from the first baby. 😕 Try to hang in there. If it gets too bad, go to a chiropractor, it did wonders for me. 💙

  37. Mary

    Henry Thomas

  38. Ash

    Love Ty, Leo, and Henry. Please don’t do Parks Pollard!

  39. Anonymous



I can’t do a compare/contrast for this one since I never did a 32 week bumpdate with Miller. I highly suggest you guys write down your monthly bumpdates!!! I wish I remembered every single thing about every pregnancy. I wish I knew exactly how I was feeling at this stage with Miller so that I could compare the two.

I am so lucky to have a lot of my pregnancy and Miller’s first couple of years here on the blog! I know I am going to want to look back at those precious moments as the kids grow older.

32 Week Bumpdate

32 week bumpdate

8 months in and I am so uncomfortable. I think he may have dropped already and it literally feels like he could come out at any moment. I don’t think I am having Braxton Hicks contractions yet and if I am they aren’t very strong.

I waddle around everywhere. I just feel like my stomach is so massive it could burst at any moment. I definitely don’t remember being this big with Miller at this stage.

I just feel like I am complaining to Troy a lot lately about the discomfort and I don’t remember doing that will Miller until the last month. Whenever he suggests I go sit or lay down I always refuse. I have 7 weeks to go so I can’t admit defeat yet!

I only get up once to use the bathroom in the middle of the night YAY! But I did have to drop my pregnancy pillow. It was making me claustrophobic. I needed more room! Now I sleep with a small lumbar pillow that I hug and have in between my legs. I toss and turn all night long but still manage to sleep ok despite it. I take doxylamine succinate to help me sleep. It is the same ingredient used in morning sickness medication. It makes me drowsy enough to where when I do toss and turn I can easily fall back asleep. I take about 12mg a night (which was ok’d by my dr!) *Please make sure to check with yours before starting any new medication.

He won’t stop moving. I love baby kicks as much as the next woman but oh my goodness it never ends. And now he is just way too long for his own good. I feel like every new kick or booty bump is in a new place so there is a new pain it brings. I still immediately bring my hand to my stomach and know how much I will miss all of this when he is out! I cried when I was about to give birth with Miller because I knew how much I would miss her bring inside of me!

He gets hiccups a couple times a day, which is the cutest thing and Miller was the same way. Hiccups are how I know he is head down, ready to go!

Luckily nothing has swollen up yet, I haven’t noticed any skin differences or changes, my back hasn’t hurt with this pregnancy AT ALL, and I feel like I still have a lot of energy most days! All in all another amazing pregnancy and I am so thankful!

I definitely need to start walking more. I haven’t been doing any hiking or walking at all lately :/. Oh, I am definitely going to start wearing my belly band this week to help with the discomfort- especially while hiking!

My 32 week appt is this Wednesday. You start going every 2 weeks at this point and then when you get to 36 weeks you go once a week. At these next two appts they will just take a urine sample, listen to the baby’s heart rate, take my blood pressure, and measure my belly. At 36 weeks we will get to see baby boy for the third and final time before his arrival (barring no setbacks!)

Baby Name Update

Still no idea but here is our list. This is actually narrowed down believe it or not! Hoping to narrow down even more in the next few weeks and maybe go into delivery with a few and just decide when he is in our arms! Let me know in a comment below which your favorite is!

Middle Name: Thomas

Last Name: Pollard



Leo (family name)




Henry (family name)

Nursery Update

Nursery is coming along! Crib and dresser are now in and I have ordered everything that is going to go in his room (tons of Hawaii and surfer decor!) I just need to get a lot of the prints into a frame and I there will definitely be a few finishing touches needed I am sure.

We are doing a Hawaiian theme for him since both of my kids were conceived there. It has been so much fun searching for decor. We are doing wallpaper on one of the walls with a big wave, I ordered a surfboard growth chart, a few rainbow decorations, a map of Hawaii, and more. I do wish the walls were white (they are beige), but we won’t be in this house long enough for us to paint them (because then we will have to paint them back!)

I am hoping to have everything up and ready late September so be on the lookout!

Due Date

He is due Oct 26th, but we are scheduled for induction on Oct 20th. We don’t know anyone here well enough to leave Miller overnight+ with them, so we want to make sure our family is here to watch her when I have the baby! And then that way they will be here to help us get everything settled when we get home as well. If I learned anything with my first baby it is that we can use all the help we can get. Even though you mostly just tend to the baby you have to also worry about cooking and cleaning and all of that jazz. Our parents were soooo helpful just by keeping up with all of that while we slept and took care of a newborn (and now toddler!)

I know there are a lot of opinions on inducing. I did a lot of research and we talked to our dr a lot about it. Apparently inducing the second baby isn’t nearly as hard on either of us as the first would have been. I actually went into labor two days late with Miller when my water broke, but they ended up eventually having to induce me because I wouldn’t dilate. Sooo I have actually already been induced once and she still came out safe and healthy after 15 minutes of pushing! I am not worried about it. Do what you think is best for you and listen to your doctor!

*Next Update will be 36 weeks and Miller’s next update will be at 2 years!

XO Amanda
August 31, 2020 Baby

32 Week Bumpdate

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