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Hi Guys! So excited to review three very popular baby/toddler items for you today!

I did a lot of research before we went in to Buy Buy Baby to create our baby registry. These three products were listed as MUST HAVES on all of the lists!

Now that we have gotten to try some of them out, I can totally see why!

Why We Love 4moms

4moms Mamaroo Review

4moms mamaroo review on themilleraffect.com the things parents don't know about the mamaroo

Did you guys know the Mamaroo is used in over 300 hospitals? There is a reason for that. The Mamaroo is the ONLY infant seat that actually replicates the moves of the parents.

The Mamaroo has five different motions. Some babies prefer one over the others, but I love that you have five different movements to try. I know some moms have given up the Mamaroo quickly believing their baby didn’t like it, but when I ask if they tried each movement they always replied with a ‘no’.

The first movement, the car ride, did not work for Miller. If I would have just given up right then we would have had so many VERY ROUGH days and nights when we brought Miller home! We would also have one less option for her during the day now. She actually LOVES the Kangaroo motion and will sit in the Mamaroo for hours each day!

It really helped calm her at night when we brought her home and helped us get more sleep. The newborn insert was so soft and comfortable for her.  She would lay in it for a long time before finally waking or fussing.

Things most people don’t know about the Mamaroo:

-You can control the music and sound from your phone.

-You can adjust the seat to lay back all the way for sleep or sit up 45 degrees so they can look out.

-The toy balls are reversible and one has a mirror, one is a crinkle ball and one is a rattle!

-To test the movements, 4moms actually used sensor vests on parents so they could mimic the exact movements!

I hope this review makes you either give your Mamaroo another chance, or has you adding the Mamaroo to your registry today!

4moms High Chair

the 4moms magnetic high chair review of the 4moms high chair on themilleraffect.com

We haven’t been able to use this high chair yet but we did take it out of the box and play with it a bit.

Why we are excited about the 4moms High Chair:

-The tray is MAGNETIC!! You can buy 4moms plates and bowls and the bottoms are magnetic and stick to the tray. This helps the kids eat easier with silverware and keeps toddlers from chunking or dumping their food!

-The tray is so easy to place. You can use one hand and it just clicks right into place.

-The tray liner is removable and dishwasher friendly (you don’t have to wash the entire tray, just the top lining!)

-The seat is adjustable so you can have them sit higher or adjust it so that they are sitting at your same height while at the table.

Definitely grab this high chair asap or add to your registry! So innovative!!

4moms Breeze (Pack n Play)

the 4moms breeze review why we love 4moms on themilleraffect.com why the breeze is so easy to use on themilleraffect.com

We have already used the Breeze a ton! This is actually what Miller slept in the week we stayed at my parents house for Christmas.

Why we love The Breeze:

-It opens and closes in one swift movement. You pull up the strap to close and you push it down to open. So simple!

-It isn’t too heavy for me to move from room to room or put in the car.

-The Breeze Plus (what we own) has the option to add a bassinet and a changing table! We use them both each time. So convenient if you don’t have a clear surface nearby to change them on.

I hope this 4moms review helped you guys! I am sure I will be sharing even more reviews of each of these as we use them more and more!

Make sure to add each of these to your baby registry. Give the Mamaroo a chance and try all of the different movements for your baby. If you are missing a high chair, or aren’t happy with yours then grab the 4moms high chair! If your current pack n play is too hard to open and close definitely grab the breeze!

xox Amanda

Photos by Adria Lea

*These products were gifted to us by 4moms after I emailed them and BEGGED them to send them to me haha!*

XO Amanda
January 10, 2019 Baby

Why We Love 4moms

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