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  1. Pat

    Like your ideas. New and fresh.

    1. Amanda Miller

      Yay! So glad you enjoyed it!!

  2. Brooke Cox

    Thanks for sharing, love the before & after pics! Also excited to see what you do for the pantry organization – ours needs a lot of love!

    1. Amanda Miller

      I am glad you liked the post! It’s the perfect time to do some organization and redecorating.


Spring isn’t here yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a head start on cleaning! Cluttered house = cluttered mind cannot be more true, especially these days when you are working from home.

I realized my counter was a complete mess and I was collecting SO MUCH clutter in a space that I occupy a few times daily. To fix this, I jumped on Amazon and looked for some great acrylic organizers. Why acrylic you ask? Because they are clear, so you can see through to the counter making them look a lot less bulky! We are trying to declutter after all. I also think acrylics hold up SO WELL I haven’t had one break on me yet.

I will start with bathroom organization tips from Amazon and hopefully work my way to the closet and pantry next!

My counter was clearly a huge problem. I had way too many products and just not enough counter space.

Amazon Bathroom Organization

bathroom organization from amazon on the miller affect
amazon bathroom organization on themilleraffect.com


sharing some bathroom organization tips on the miller affect


acrylic shower caddy on themilleraffect.com
how to de-clutter your bathroom on themilleraffect.com

These toothbrush holders also work perfectly for makeup brushes:

This spinning organizer is a lifesaver! It is advertised as holding makeup, but I just keep my makeup in a bag in my drawer and use this for skin care. You can fit everything you need and I loooove that it spins around.

This teeny tiny fridge was recommended to me by some of my skin care expertise friends. Apparently, if you keep your liquids and serums in here they will dramatically help de-puff every morning! I can already see a huge difference. And did you know that once your C E Ferulic turns a darker yellow you should throw it out? This fridge will help keep it lighter (usable) for sooo much longer!

The tray I have all of Troy’s thinks in can be broken up to use for lipsticks and other things, or you can take the dividers out like I did.

These are perfect organizers for your drawers and they stack making them optimal for tight spaces.

I have these headband holders on the bookshelf in my office, but some of you may keep your hair ties and headbands in your bathroom! Grab these! I love that you can fill them with your hair ties, put your headbands on the outside, and then use the top for your clips!

Can you believe this shower transformation? First I though about what we actually needed in our shower. What we did NOT need was 18 types of shampoos and 8 body washes. I disbursed the ones we didn’t use as much to the other bathrooms in the house.

These shower caddys are THE BEST!! They stick so crazy well and hold even the heaviest of products. I am so in love with how the shower looks now!

We don’t have a bathtub (womp womp) but I wanted to make sure I included a caddy for the bath as well. I used to take this to the bath every time and filled it with salts and books and lip masks!

Who knew bathroom organization could be so dang exciting? My bathroom is finally a clean, de-cluttered happy space for us!

The only other organizational post I have done so far was for my GARAGE. Take a look now into my garage makeover? You won’t believe those before and afters either.

xo Amanda


XO Amanda
February 4, 2021 Articles

Amazon Bathroom Organization

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