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  1. Emily

    I am 4 weeks postpartum and read these while I was taking my sitz bath. Haha! Thank you for sharing these Amanda and to all the moms for a good laugh! I definitely need it as I navigate being a new mama and also trying to heal from childbirth. 🙂

    1. Amanda Miller

      I do not miss those days girl!! It’ll pass soon and if it doesn’t call your dr haha.. that was my mistake! Thought it was just healing and it was actually an infection ugh! xox A


April mom fail monday on themilleraffect.com

Most of you already heard about my latest fail on Instagram Stories, but here it is again: I was over at my sister’s house for dinner with Troy and Miller. We were getting ready to leave and I put Miller in her Doona car seat/stroller but didn’t strap her in. We usually just wait til we get to the car to strap her in because it is always a huge scene. I was talking to my sister at the door when my 3 yr old niece comes over and puts her hands on the handlebars. She loves to push she stroller so I didn’t think anything of it. I was still looking up talking to my sister when Emmy jumps and puts all of her weight on the handlebar (I guess she thought I had hold of it and she could hang on it.) It all went crashing down. Emberlynn fell backgrounds and the Doona came forward and hit the floor. Luckily, Miller slipped out of it and wasn’t thrown out of it. She landed face first but not hard at all. It was still traumatizing for both of us and Miller ended up with a tiny scratch on her cheek. THERE’S A LESSON HERE: ALWAYYSSSS have your baby strapped in no matter where you are or what you are doing. After I shared that story I got so many messages from moms who had done the same thing!

April Mom Fail Monday


themilleraffect.com mom fail monday

I went out for my first girl’s night out when my baby was 4 weeks old. My husband was so sweet to say “Go- I have everything under control!” He texted me a hour or so into my dinner that he could not find her gloves so he was pretty sure he had put socks on her hands to keep her from scratching her face after she had wet her outfit I put her in before leaving. Sure enough when I got home she was wearing socks as gloves! I sent a group photo to my girlfriends who had been with me. #dadfail but at least he tried! 🙂 -Megan
themilleraffect.com mom fail monday
I tried to cut my son’s mullet and this is what occurred. #momfail -Michelle
the miller affect mom fail monday
I rushed this little lamb out of the house to get to target before her brothers preschool pickup. She kept trying to tell me something but I ignored it and got out the door. We got to target and she says, “Mom did you not know, I don’t have undies on!?” I said, “Sevy, why don’t you have undies?!” She replied, “I was telling you that but you just said “let’s go let’s go” you forgot mom!” We both started cracking up! Big mom fail!! -Sarah
the miller affect mom fail monday
I’ve made it through a lot of hiccups with my 4 month old, but this one nearly brought me to tears. Eli is on a pretty solid schedule of 6 bottles a day. He’s primarily on breastmilk, but for his bedtime bottle, we supplement 4oz of formula to help keep him full through the night. We warm these bottles in an automatic warmer (vs keeping a pouch in hot water), and generally think nothing of it. Last week, after Eli had chugged a full 7 ounces and was down for the night, I went to wash out the bottle. In the last ounce that was left, I saw something floating in the mix and assumed it was a small clump of formula that hadn’t mixed (we’re talking rice sized people) — and it was a GNAT. I didn’t know wether to gag or cry! It clearly didn’t bother baby, and never would have made it through the bottle nipple anyway, but SO gross. Now we know to COVER or cap any bottles we’re heating up in the warmer! I can’t imagine what I would have done had the bug clogged up the bottle mid-feed. -Anna & Eli
themilleraffect.com mom fail monday
So, this past Saturday I hosted a Baby Sprinkle about 20minutes from my home. My husband planned to take our 6month baby old to lunch with the guest of honor’s husband. I arrived early to the venue to help set up and as soon as the party started I saw that I had two missed calls from my husband. Initially, I thought to myself, “I have been gone for 35minutes what could he possibly need already!”  I called back and he said that I had the car seat in my car. We have one car seat with two matching bases, one for each of our cars. With no time for a 40minute commute to drop it off, I remembered an Uber driver telling me once he delivered a tux to a groom at the church. In a pinch, I requested an Uber to meet me at the venue and drive the car seat to my home. Upon arrival my husband joked with him that it was probably the craziest request ever, however he said he once delivered a wedding cake! #momfail #momfailmonday -Jodie
themilleraffect.com mom fail monday
My baby was fussing in the car- like sad whimpers. This was strange because she loves being in the car and is either asleep or happily chatting up a storm. It’s about 50 degrees outside, but I’m comfy with the heat on full blast and my seat warmer on. I didn’t notice until after I dropped her off at daycare that I hadn’t synced the backseat! She was being blasted by the lowest temperature of air conditioning!!! I definitely learned not to ignore if she’s upset- she’s trying to tell me something is wrong! -Ashley
the miller affect mom fail monday
We were running late one morning. I had to be at the university to teach by 8. She normally does fine in the car with her breakfast. Well this morning she decided to put peanut butter all over her face! I didn’t have time to go back home so she got a bath in the daycares sink. And some random clothes on because the clothes I had for her at daycare were six months too small. -Katie
the miller affect mom fail monday
I wanted to share a “mom fail” story with you!! We recently got our 6-month old baby boy a Jolly Jumper, it’s a free-standing jumpy thing that we can use in our living room and take outside for him to jump in while we do stuff and he LOVES IT! He gets excited when he sees us setting it up or getting it out! The only problem is it’s super awkward to put him in it, you have to hold him with one arm and get his legs on both sides of the seat and then carefully lower him down into the harness a certain way and then strap him in with velcro & a clip to secure it. One of the first few times we were using it I was going to put him in and he was all excited and then I lowered him down into the seat (not so carefully I guess) and he busted out crying so loud! I had no idea what happened so I just kept strapping him in and then I saw a red bump start to form on his forehead….he had hit his head on the bar while I was lowering him into the seat and I had no clue! I felt so bad that he got hurt and felt pain from my lack of caution. He was fine literally 1 minute after it happened but I felt so bad! Snapped a pic of his sweet face with the red mark on his forehead (attaches). It’s the worst when they feel pain because of you. Needless to say I’m WAY more careful when putting him in it and other toys in general now 🙂 -Miyan
the miller affect mom fail monday
On Tuesday I was running late for work per usual, and got my 15 month dressed up all cute and ready for school, and I usually take cute pictures of her when I love her outfit. So I set her down outside the classroom for her morning modeling session and realized I’d only put one shoe on her. -Blakely
Was grocery shopping and wearing my baby. I opened up a bottle of shampoo to smell and a huge blob fell right onto my sleeping baby’s face!!! I RAN to the baby section and opened up a bag of wipes. It was all over her eyes and mouth. Luckily she somehow stayed asleep and I was able to get it all off her eyes. Left the store sobbing lol -Nathalie
My youngest, 2.5 years old, started sleeping in a twin bed 3-4 months ago. We have an extra long rail and literally 8 inches of space between the foot board and where the rail ends. She has slept through the night for over 2 years and never cries out. She was crying at midnight the other night over and over “mommy, mommy”. We have a video monitor, but I didn’t have my glasses on, so I couldn’t really see her, I just talked over the monitor speaker several times, “It’s ok Hattie, go back to sleep.” After several minutes and continuing to talk to her and she was still crying, I got up to go check on her and SHE HAD FALLEN OUT OF BED! She was tangled up in the sheets on the floor at the foot of her bed! I felt so bad that I tried to get her to go back to sleep & she actually needed something! -Angie
About a month ago, my son was about three weeks old. I had gone to get a spray tan as I was struggling with my postpartum body and thought it would help me feel better. When my husband came home later that evening, he noticed a weird mark on my sons face…not thinking, I had let the baby lay on my chest resulting in my two week old having his first spray tan… -Courtney
My husband works for an electrical company and he brought home a dozen little flash lights as a marketing promo. My two daughters (3 and 1 at the time) were in love with these tiny things, of course.  All of a sudden I look down and see that one of the flashlights opened and the tiny batteries had fallen out. Frantically I realize I cannot find the 4th battery and panic because I realize my one year old ATE IT!!! Rush to the ER hysterically crying thinking my child is gonna have burns in her tummy and could die. The doctor does a scan to confirm the battery, and tells me because it’s not lodged in her throat, she would be fine and pass it within a few days. Let me tell you, I was never so obsessive over checking her poo, and super thankful it passed 24 hours later. Yep, I’m the worst mom ever. -Ashley
I have an almost four month old son, and we have a cute black lab that we love to go on stroller walks with. I mainly use the UPPAbaby stroller with the bassinet attachment which, as you know, the baby is not strapped into. One day, we left for our walk, baby in stroller and dog on the leash. We left our house out of our garage which has a remote keypad on the outside that I can use to close the garage before we start our walk. I parked the stroller, forgot to put the brake on, and walked the dog over to the keypad to enter the code and close it. When I finished entering the code to shut the garage, I turned around and the stroller was barreling down our long driveway. FAST. I let out a loud scream, let go of the dog leash, scared the absolute you know what out of my dog (who luckily ran tail-between-his-legs to the front door), and began chasing the stroller at full speed down the driveway. WELL… I wasn’t fast enough because before I could catch the stroller it hit a tree halfway down the driveway and tipped over. THANK THE LORD my baby didn’t fall out of the bassinet, but he did roll over inside of it. There was definitely some heavy crying from both of us. Luckily my husband is the best, so when I called him to tell him that I was the worst mom in the world, he laughed and told me I’m a human mom and a great mom! The scratches on my stroller will always remind me to put the freaking brake on!!! -Kelsey
 I have a 10 month old, Henry, and we are sleep training him for the second time.  He is a reflux baby, so we have wedges in the crib.  We started the horrible process of training and laid him in the crib, and he kept crying and crying (which I am very against), come to find out he was stuck way at the bottom of the crib. Ugh! Total mom fail, I felt like such a jerk.  We took out the wedge and got a camera so we can see the whole crib! -Katie
This morning after seeing my older kids off to school, I worked out, showered, and got ready to leave. Just as I was grabbing my purse, I realized that the baby was napping and I was the person who was supposed to be staying home with her this morning while my nanny took my preschooler to school!
Thankfully, I didn’t actually leave the house, but it reminded me how when things shift from “normal”, it’s so easy to have a mom fail! -Jessica
I was at the park one day with my 1 & 2-year-olds. The swings were on an incline and as I went to put my 2-year-old on the swing, my 1-year-old’s stroller rolled off the incline and ended up tilting over. Thank God she was strapped in b/c she would have fallen out of the stroller.
I know this isn’t a mom fail but I have a daddy fail as well. My friend and I went to watch Hocus Pocus around Halloween and I left my daughters with my husband. My youngest was around 8 months at the time. I gave them a bath before I left and told him where her food was. Needless to say, he put her to bed without feeding her. -Heather
My son is getting to the cute stage where he’s trying to talk so he’s making lots of cute noises and he’s smiling so much. I had him on his play mat and he was just being so darn cute looking up into the mirror and playing with the animals, so I decided to FaceTime my mom so she could see. I placed the phone on top of the play mat where the 4 poles connect so she could see him from above and I could make him smile by playing with him and toys. He grabbed one of the animals and shook the play mat. The phone fell down and fell right on his teeny little head. He cried for 30 seconds and I cried for at least 20 minutes and held him the rest of the evening. I went to bed so sad thinking about how I hurt him and probably traumatized him (even though he’ll never remember it lol). He didn’t bruise and wasn’t injured at all, but my heart hurt for my little man. -Kimberly
On Sunday, I washed my daughters’ clothes (roughly 2 weeks worth of 11 month and 3 yr old clothing…so a lot).  I switched them to the dryer, turned it on, and then through in a new load of sheets and towels.  As I put the laundry detergent into this new load, I realized that I had not put any detergent in when I washed the clothes and had to rewash everything. Additionally, since I had not done laundry for 2 weeks, I had ALL of the underwear in the wash for my potty training 3 year old and she had to go commando for the entire day. -Rachel
Before and throughout my pregnancy, I was absolutely obsessed with barre fitness classes. It helped a ton with my l&d! After I was cleared to workout at my postpartum checkup, I signed up for a series of mom & baby barre classes. Since I’d like think of myself as a ‘seasoned vet’ to this type of workout, I didn’t bother reading the details on the website before class. When I showed up, every other mom had their baby in a carrier on their chest along with their own yoga mat from home. Since all of this info was clearly stated on the website I failed to read, I had to hold my chubby 15 pound 2 month old the entire class. I am still sore a week later !! -Stephanie

1 – While I was still breastfeeding, I went to Costco (without my baby) to get diapers. I looked down and was DRIPPING milk through my shirt, all over Costco. I forgot to put pads in before I left the house!

2 – I took a day trip out of town and my husband and son had a fun day together. He (baby) had been having some constipation issues so I told my husband there was a pack of prunes he could eat as his solids for the day. I failed to remind my husband that baby only eats a little (1-2 oz would have been plenty!) and he fed my son the entire 6 oz pack of pureed prunes in one day!! He was only 4 months old. I paid for that mistake for 2 days! -Allison
I sat my first daughter up on the couch in the corner at 3 months and just ran to the kitchen to get something and in those 5 mins she managed to propel herself forward and fell off the couch. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Was my very first mom fail. Have to keep those squirmy babies strapped in tight haha. -Jamie
My son is 16 months old now but just a few months ago (13ish months) we had the hanger incident. I was in my closet packaging something I had sold on Poshmark and he was in there with me. The last time I looked down he was carrying a papier-mâché dinosaur around and just exploring the closet. He was 3 feet away from me and started crying, I look over and he had a plastic skirt hanger in his hand ( the kind you find at a department store that have the metal hanger part) and I think he’s just smacked himself in the eye with it. I bend down to hug him and get the hanger out of his hand and realize it is hooked into his bottom eyelid……….😳😭I freak out… of course and pull it out of his eye. I pick him up and we both cry for a good 5 minutes. Thankfully it was just a little scratch on his lid on not his eyeball and the doctor said he would be fine. I’ve never felt so terrible in my life. Who gets a hanger stuck in their eye? Oh, that’s right, my kid. -Katie
It was my son’s 1st birthday. I was excited but stressed being a working mom with two kids trying to get all things set for his birthday. I got up and I got him dressed and put him in a T-shirt that said birthday boy. I bring him into daycare and tell them it’s his birthday and leave excited after giving him kisses good bye that it’s my boys first birthday. A few minutes later I get a phone call from daycare and they tell me that today is the 25th not the 26th and it’s NOT his birthday. I was a day early!!!😳😂 -Lori
I was at the mall with my 4mo and had her in the carrier that can click into the stroller and the base in the car. After feeding her, I put her back in the stroller and thought, “oh I’ll strap her in when we get to the car.” Well I got a call from my husband and had to leave suddenly. In the car, on the way home, her head kept falling forward and I couldn’t figure out why. I HAD FORGOTTEN TO STRAP HER BACK IN AND WE WERE GOING 70 MPH ON THE HIGHWAY. I made my mom crawl in the back seat to strap her in. -Maddie
XO Amanda
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