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  1. Julie

    I love the mirrors in your master bath! Where are they from?

    1. Em

      Where are your mirrors in the master from?

      1. Amanda Miller

        I am not sure, so sorry! They were already installed when we moved in. xox A

  2. Jo

    Media Room Bathroom – could you please tell me what are the wooden shelves. They are great! TY

  3. Aduke Schulist

    Girl, I LOVE your master bathroom. That tub is #goals I could soak in it all day.


You guys are probably laughing at the title of this post. Bathrooms generally aren’t very interesting, am I right?

I happen to LOVE our bathrooms! They were all gutted and re-done before we bought the house, and each one is so unique!

We shop at Bed Bath & Beyond A LOT, so we ended up just filling each bathroom with our favorite finds from the store. Since we didn’t bring anything at all from our previous condo, it was like a blank canvas for us, and we had so much fun styling each one.

Our Bathroom Makeover

Bed Bath & Beyond has everything you need when it comes to designing a bathroom. They have unique decor, bathroom fixtures, stylish accessories, and even furniture!

Plus, Bed Bath & Beyond has excellent customer service in store and online, and they are always there to help you in any way they can.

*make sure to watch my Instagram Stories today as I take you through each bathroom so you can see the items that we may have missed in photos!

Miller’s Bathroom

nursery bathroom design from Bed bath & beyond

bed bath & beyond ruffle shower curtain

I wanted to start with this bathroom since it is my absolute favorite in our house. I love all of the pink and the girly shower curtain. I know it will be a while before we use most of this stuff, but we have already given her a little sponge bath by her sink!

Cloud & Sun Framed Wall Set– This adorable set is under $50!!
Wamsutta® Ultra Soft 6-Piece Bath Towel Set in Sea Glass– We used these in the media room and the nursery bathroom. They are so incredibly soft. If you are looking for towels I 100% suggest you get these (and they come in tons of colors!)

Media Room Bathroom

the miller affect bathroom makeover with bed bath & beyond

the miller affect simple human mirror
the miller affect at home wireless speaker

I consider this Troy’s bathroom so I tend to steer clear of it when I can haha! Unless it is Red Zone Sunday. On Sunday’s we spend the entire day in the media room and watch football, and this bathroom gets tons of use! It is also used as a second guest bath in case the downstairs bathroom is taken.

iHome™ Waterproof Bluetooth Portable Speaker in Black- We put an iHome in each guest bathroom so they could play music and get comfortable. 
Ellia Retreat Plug-in Essential Oil Wall Diffuser in Light Grey- We also put a diffuser in every bathroom and love how they keep each room smelling great.
Wamsutta® Ultra Soft 6-Piece Bath Towel Set in Sea Glass– We used the same towels in this room as the nursery! We love them so much that we sometimes use them when we take a shower in our bathroom haha. Sooo warm and soft.
Love this Ugg Collection for the bathroom:

Guest Bathroom

I am obsessed with the tile in this bathroom! Since it is kind of busy, we went with some light grey towels that blended in with the walls.

Since it is the guest bathroom, we put in a caddy to hold shampoo, a wireless speaker for the shower, and used storage bins from Bed Bath & Beyond to create more space for whatever our guests bring with them! Oh, and you can’t forget the robes! We want them to feel at home here!

Master Bathroom

the miller affect master bathroom reveal with bed bath & beyond

the miller affect wearing a strapless bath robe
the miller affect sharing her master bathroom makeover with bed bath & beyond
the miller affect with marble bathroom accessories
the miller affect with fur rugs in the bathroom
the miller affect with a bath caddy from bed bath & beyond

This bathroom definitely gets the MOST use! I love our giant tub and spend a lot of time in there as of late (during my recovery!) We love the double shower but honestly only ever use one side haha!

PS- I was hesitant about these fur rugs but omg they are the best! They always feel great under our feet- even when they get wet!

*make sure to watch my Instagram Stories today as I take you through each bathroom so you can see the items that we may have missed in photos!

You can click on any of the links for items we used to stock each bathroom from Bed Bath & Beyond. They should all be available online, or you can check to see if you can pick up the item at your local store!

PS- have you heard of Beyond+ yet? For $29 a year you get 20% off your ENTIRE ORDER every time you shop there or at Buy Buy Baby! We made our money back after just one visit! It is kind of a no-brainer! Sign up HERE!

Please comment below if I missed an item you are curious about or if you have questions about anything at all!

Photos by Adria Lea

*The items linked in this post were gifted by Bed Bath & Beyond

XO Amanda
November 14, 2018 Home

Bathroom Makeover

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